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Personal Perspective Vs. Empathic Perspective ~ A Balance

Personal Perspective Vs. Empathic Perspective

Personal perspective is basically the view from which you see the world, on an intimate level. It is how you perceive the world around you. It is your personal judgments, likes and dislikes, motives, etc.

Empathic Perspective is the ability to see through another person's perspective and 'walk a mile n their shoes'. Whether this is done simply with emotion, or with the addition of visualization through imagination is irrelevant. As your ability to control empathic perspective grows, so to will your ability to not only feel others emotions, but also to see their experiences through their eyes.

What's the point of this discussion, right? The problem with Empathic Perspective is that most empaths are unbonded, meaning they have a natural gift of Empathy, but retain no control over it. This forces a problem to arise, which to the layman would seem bizarre. Because of a lack of control over their gifts, an Empath's personal perspective can be lost in the overwhelming depth of another's perspective, when they are working through empathic perception.

This drawback of Empathic perspective can cause serious problems to arise. It leaves the Empath feeling lost and alone in a sea of emotions not their own. It can beget depression, and even suicide attempts.

So the objective of learning to control this gift of Empathy is to bring these two aspects of oneself into focus and balance, so that one does not outweigh the other. And to do this, one must have a deep sense of self, so as to force consideration not just for the person the Empath links to, but also for themselves. And this is the hardest thing for an Empath to do, because their focus and intent is always pointed outwardly toward others. Their truest purpose in life is focused toward others.

This attitude is unbalanced and unhealthy for Empaths. So, in realizing this what can one do to alter the situation, bringing both personal and empathic perspective into balance?

To have a sense of self, through self esteem, is the most important means by which one is able to ground themselves, because it forces you to be aware of yourself as much as another person. It makes you a tangible variable in the equation of Empathic work. Because once there is a steady foundation within you, of who you are beyond your gifts of Empathy, the easier it is to retain that sense of self when reaching out to others on an empathic level.

So how does one find their true self, in the face of all of the overwhelming weight of others? Try reading here for some helpful answers:

And for one method of holding onto your self in the face of that weight, read here:

You will find that once you can retain your sense of self, you will discover how much easier being an Empath can be. And at that point it won't be about learning to control your gift, it will simply be about doing, because there is no more confusion to stand in the way of what you are compelled to do. There is you, with your personal perspective, and there is you and the person you are helping , with empathic perspective. And each is separate and unique within you.

Another Perception Quiz

Perception Quiz

1. On a standard traffic light, is the green on the top or bottom?

2. How many states are there? (Don't laugh, some people don't know)!

3. In which hand is the Statue of Liberty's torch?

4. What 6 colors are on the classic Campbell's soup label?

5. What 2 letters don't appear on the telephone dial? (No cheating!)

6. What 2 #s (on that same telephone dial) don't have letters by them?

7. When you walk does your right arm swing with your right or left leg?

8. How many matches are in a standard pack?

9. On USA flag, is the top stripe red or white?

10. What is the lowest # on the FM dial?

11. Which way does water go down the drain, counter?or clockwise?

12. Which way does a "no smoking" sign's slash run?

13. How many channels on a VHF TV dial?

14. Which side of a women's blouse are the buttons on?

15. On an NY license plate, is New York on the top or bottom?

16. Which way do fans rotate?

17. Whose face is on a dime?

18. How many sides does a stop sign have?

19. Do books have even numbered pages on the right or left side?

20. How many lug nuts are on a standard car wheel?

21. How many sides are there on a standard pencil?

22. Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc. Who's missing?

23. How many hot dog buns are in a standard package?

25. On which playing card is the card maker’s trademark?

26. On which side of a Venetian blind is the cord that adjusts the opening between the slats?

27. On the back of a $1, what is in the center?

28. There are 12 buttons on a touch tone phone. What 2 symbols bear no digits?

29. How many curves are in a standard paper clip?

30. Does a merry?go?round turn counterclockwise or clockwise?

Scroll down for answers

Keep scrolling......

Keep Going.........

1. Bottom
2. 50 (please tell me you at least got this one!)
3. right
4. blue, red, white, yellow, black, and gold
5. Q, Z
6. 1, 0
7. left
8. 20
9. Red
10. 88
11. counter (unless you happen to be south of the equator)
12. towards bottom right
13. 12 (no #1)
14. right
15. top
16. clockwise as you look at it
17. Roosevelt
18. 8 (or 10?)
19. left
20. 5
21. 6
22 Bashful
23. 6
24. Did you notice there wasn't question #24?
25. Ace of spades
26. left
27. ONE
28. *, #
29. 3
30. counter

Resources on Perception

Here are some interesting websites about perception and perspective.

Testing your perception:

And here are some Videos on Perception:

Perception~ Reality Beyond Matter

Auditory and Visual Awareness Test (this one will make your heart race a little)

Stages Of Perception Animation (language)

3 Types of Perception

What do YOU see? * Ink Blot Rorschach - like test *

Perception & Awakening

How can changing one's own inner perception of the world and themselves actually help them discover inner peace and spiritual awakening. How can a simple game help them to achieve this? Games like this:

Games like these help us see illusion for what it is. It brings the changing of perspective into the conscious mind, while it normally remains in the subconscious mind. This adds to the thought processes going on at the conscious level, making you WANT to turn and look at something a different way.

The first one helps us recognize the difference between our right and left brain capabilities. It puts form to a generalized idea that floats around in our heads. "Oh I'm left handed so that means I'm right brained.' or vice versa.

The second one is something we all do, look for order in chaos. We see human faces within the picture, because it is something that we are accostomed to doing without thought when we look into a chaotic pattern. Ever see a person's shape when you look into the snow on a TV screen? Same principle.

The third is seeing illusions where there are none. This is true with everything in life. We are told that we should see the black dots, and because of the way it is formed, we do. And then we start to count them. But in reality, there are no black dots, only white ones.

The forth and fifth ones go hand and hand, as well. They are about what what you perceive first, and what you then force your mind to see on a second glance. Do you see a duck or a rabbit first? Do you see a diamond or a rectangle? The point here is to see both.

All of these are simple examples of expanding your perception which can be taken to the outside world and used in any given situation. Likewise, as an empath we each have the capacity to see other's perspectives through their own eyes. This means we are able to see all sides of a story, instead of just our own or another person's. Think about what that means. You are a mediator, a peace maker, and a confidant to one and all, without exception and without fail if you so choose to be.

Being able to see in this way brings forth a desire for balance in one's own life, as well. It is a very unique talent that incorporates your natural gift of empathy well, but expands it to the whole of life and creation, if you let it. ^_^

You don't have to understand what I'm saying completely to see what the meaning is. You will discover this yourself through your own life experiences as you travel along your paths. This is merely food for thought.

Test Your Perception

Its little tests like these that help us to consciously shift our perspective to see one thing or another. In the case of these, there more to them than when you first look at them. ^_^

Tell me what you see, a bear or a seal?

Do you see a face?

Don Quixote or faces?

Do you see horses or a face?

Do you see a face or letters?

Old woman or young woman?

10 Ways To Grow Your Spirit

10 Ways To Grow Your Spirit
taken from this site:

1. Embrace Your Talents
Recognize and further develop your intelligence and special gifts. Our talents are signifiers that lead us toward our unique paths. Follow your passion and you will soon discover where you fit in this world. When we squelch innate yearnings we lose our way.

2. Tie Up Loose Ends
Unresolved issues eat away at us emotionally and mentally. Tackle troubling things that need dealt with and put them to rest. In the meanwhile, learn not to allow future problems to be ignored. Our wounds fester when they are not attended to in a timely manner. Realize that buried problems always surface eventually. Dealing with difficulties as they arise rather than hiding from them is the best route.

3. Be Responsible in Your Relationships
Turn away from the "blame game" when it comes to addressing problems in your relationships. Be honest about the things that you have said or done that harmed the relationship. Own up to your own failures. Focus on changing your defeating patterns rather than expecting changes from the other person.

4. Love Sometimes Means Saying Goodbye
Not all relationships are meant to last forever. We sometimes out grow our partners, or our partner goes off in a direction which makes us struggle to stay in step with. Sometimes, the most responsible thing you can do is to offer love and compassion to the person as you release the relationship.

5. Let Go of Useless Attachments
If a thing no longer serves a purpose in your life, it is clutter. Clutter can be a physical thing or a belief that blocks your path. Holding on to things that don't feed you will instead eat up your energy. Free your space and expand your energy by getting rid of unwanted gifts, broken or useless items, self-defeating mental images, etc.

6. Confront Your Inner Demons
Everyone makes mistakes or regrets past decisions. Exposing our frailties and recognizing that we are not perfect frees us from feeling stupid or "less than." Bring light to those things that you are not proud of and realize that through these experiences you have learned great lessons, and have likely become a better person for them. Keeping negative actions hidden can overshadow our spirits with shame or depression. We all deserve to live with joy regardless of our imperfections.

7. Accept Change - Go with the Flow
There is a fine line between caution and fear. We are meant to travel along a spiritual pathway. We are not meant to remain stunted in one place for very long. Yes, change can be scary. But, change is a path of learning, so why not follow it? When we resist change we can actually create chaos. Do you want to undertake a lesson down a path which you've chosen, or have lessons thrown at you down a path that was forced upon you?

8. Accept Delays
There are times when we need to be still. Impatience or frustration will not help any situation. Desired changes sometime take time to unfold. You may feel like you are ready to jump into a new arena... but wait. The situation or person that you are wanting to meet may not be ready for you just yet. It's okay to sit at the bus stop for a few more minutes, the bus will arrive eventually. What's the hurry?

9. Love and Honor Yourself
Are you taking good care of yourself? Your physical body is the vehicle that has been loaned to you to live out your life in and to assist growing your spirit with. Pamper your body, tend to your illnesses, exercise and give it the proper nutrients.

10. Dealing with Death and Illness
Physical life is a gift that comes with a variety of experiences. Suffering and illness are bundled in with that package of experiences. Although our bodies have expiration dates, our spirits don't expire. Choosing to look at illness and death in positive ways rather than negatively will help to give your life here on the planet deeper meaning.

10 Uplifting Quotes for a Depressed Heart

10 Uplifting Quotes for a Depressed Heart

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them -- every day begin the task anew."
~~ Saint Francis de Sales

"A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl."
~~ Stephan Hoeller

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."

~~ Thich Nhat Hanh

"Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keep friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment."

~~ Greenville Kleisser

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."
~~ Helen Keller

"Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world."
~~ C.S. Lewis

"The greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being."
~~ Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

"What you thought before has led to every choice you have made, and this adds up to you at this moment. If you want to change who you are physically, mentally, and spiritually, you will have to change what you think."

~~ Dr. Patrick Gentempo

"Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime,
Therefore, we are saved by hope.
Nothing true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history;
Therefore, we are saved by faith.
Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone.
Therefore, we are saved by love.
No virtuous act is quite as virtuous from the standpoint of our friend or foe as from our own;
Therefore, we are saved by the final form of love, which is forgiveness."

~~Reinhold Niebuhr

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
~~ Leo Buscaglia

A Roadside Pebble

I remember it so well, the day I walked along that path. The day was muggy and warm, and the air felt crisp under a light breeze. I walked along the riverbank, where it ran parallel to the well worn dirt road, lost in thought. My feet, which were bare, stepped on something foreign and caught my attention with a sharp jolt of pain vibrating up my leg. As I looked down, I saw that it was something as innocuous and mundane as a roadside pebble.

Some mischievous imp made me pick the small stone up and examine it in the sunlight. It glistened and shimmered with bits of quartz speckled throughout it. But on the whole, there was nothing special or spectacular about its muddy orange color swirled with darker flecks of brown. It was just a common roadside pebble, like so many others.

But still something made me cling to that small rock, instead of dropping it or throwing it into the river to see how many ripples I could make. And I remember how time seemed to halt for a brief moment as I stood there in the dank summer heat looking down into this most common of stones. The realization hit me at that moment, as I found myself warmed and comforted by its smoothness, that I was much like the stone I held.

I was not special in any particular way that would make me shine any brighter than anyone else. I could not sing or act, like a friend of mine, who went on to Juliard. I was not a genius in any sense of the word, like my boyfriend's father. And my upbringing was much like that of any other middle class Christian family with a bit of dysfunction at its edges.

In this world, there were many like both this stone and myself. And yet, there was no stone exactly like this one and no person exactly like me. And in a world brimming over with both stones and people, that was a true revelation. It was the epiphany that told me that I, like the pebble I had found while walking along the riverbank, had a concrete place in this world, if I were willing to stay the course.

It would not be the existence of kings and queens, or shimmering jewels, but it had purpose and meaning, all the same. And there would be moments of shimmering light, like the bits of quartz in that stone, as well as, moments swirled with darkness.

I can remember smiling at that moment, a strong and gentle smile, full of the surety of my place in this world. I can remember putting that stone in my pocket and walking on, only to find it days later as I prepared to do the laundry. And upon finding it again, the weight and magnitude of that discovery assailing me once more, leaving me breathless for a one stolen moment in time.

This small piece of rock, above jewels, books, and any other material object, is a precious thing to me, both for what it is and what it will always mean to me. In the humblest of objects, my truth was found. ^_^

Empathic Gifts Within The Cycle Of Life

What do all of these things have in common? And what might they have to do with you?

These images depict the circle of life through the eyes of different cultures. One is Tibetian. Another is Celtic. And yet a few others are Native American. Look at the similarities. Look beneath the surface of each picture to see the intertwining connections which reside in each. Despite the differences in cultures, beliefs, and the large separation of these cultures across the globe, still they came up with similar ideas. This singular idea is simple at its most basic form, 'All things are connected'.

So again, what does this have to do with you, as an Empath, in your own search for mastery over your abilities? This can be answered by asking another question. Do you believe that the only thing Empathy is, is to feel another person's emotions? Or could there be more to it than that? Could your empathy allow you to connect not just with human beings, but also animals, plants, and even things that we do not consider alive such as weather, rocks, and the Earth itself? Could you, through this connection of empathy, touch both the past and the future perhaps?

Having the gift of empathy is like a first class ticket onto the circle of life. You have the ability to not only walk the roads which bind all things together, but also to see them. Its like looking at a spider web.

Look at each individual strand woven together. Look at the points where they each connect with one another. Now imagine that web stretching out of you in all directions, connecting you to all things on this planet. Can you see the tapestry woven through you? Can walk the threads to any given place?

While the spider web is purely metaphorical, it is an excellent description of our gifts. In being an Empath, you walk those threads in order to reach out to the person you are working with and trying to help. Their pain becomes yours because you not only perceive this thread of connection, but you utilize it to send and receive energy.

Imagine the things that you can do, if you perceive the threads. Imagine the things that you can do once you've awakened your mind to these intricate connections full of balance. Imagine. Because imagination and visualization are key for this kind of mind altering work. Once you can see it in your mind's eye, you can start to have faith in what you do. It will no longer be 'I'm doing this but I'm not sure if I'm crazy for thinking I can do it.' It will be, ' I can see and understand what it is I'm doing. I know how it works and why its possible.' Once you can do that, you go from thinking your insane to self assurance in yourself and your abilities. And then from there, the sky is the limit with your gifts. ^_^

The Questioning Of An Empath

Do you ever question whether your going insane? Have you ever been called 'to touchy' or 'hypersensitive'? Do all of those swirling emotions flowing through you and within you feel like a gushing waterfall that can not be shut off, but upon reflection, you discover that its not you that is really feeling them?

Do you set yourself apart from society, because you can find no place within it which you can call your own? Were you abused? What about being ostracized, except perhaps when people were in need of a gentle ear and a wise voice?

Can you feel alone in a sea of people, and be at your best when you stand alone?

Do things make more sense when you do it yourself, instead of having it explained to you? Is it easier to understand when you see, hear, touch, and do on your own, instead of being lectured on something's application?

Do movies and music, and even art and writing, tug at your heart strings not just once, but every time you see and hear it, callling you back to revisit it over and over again?

Are you an artist in your own right, whether it is magical spell woven through words or through visual stimulation? Can you paint a picture as clearly with words, as with any other artistic application?

Do you encase yourself in a cocoon, insulating yourself in isolation, just to rid yourself of the backdrop of emotions which flow through you at an overwhelming speed? Have you ever thought of taking your own life because the weight of those emotions was simply to much for one person's psyche to bear? Have you ever cut yourself in order to staunch the pain inside, and make you feel anything other than that? Or thrown up your food, not because you necessarily find yourself obese, but because it brought a sense of control to your life which you could find no where else?

Have you ever felt lost, even when everything seems to be going your way? As though you are flowing along a course you did not chart for yourself? Have you ever been afraid, for no reason at all? Perhaps to the point of panic attacks?

Do you have low self esteem and self confidence because nothing makes sense in your world? And everyone and everything around you tells you that you are naught but insane because you overreact emotionally? Its as though the external world has no understanding of the type of person you are, so you are labeled crazy.

Do you feel as though you are cursed with some malady which has no rhyme or reason, much less a name?

Do you look into the mirror sometimes and realize that you do not recognize the person who is starring back at you? That those eyes are a stranger's eyes and those breaths being taken, which raise and lower the chest in the mirror, are not your own?

Are you detached from people, deemed a loner or an isolationist? Do you find people, other than family, are transient beings who do not stay in your life forever? Is a relationship with another person something so difficult that you tend to shy away from it, be it in friendship or as a lover? Do you have commitment issues, even if you had a healthy family life?

Now tell me, can you feel the sadness behind all of these words I am writing right now? Can you feel the deep morose mourning behind the facade of questions here? Even as you read it, and questioned yourself about it in your mind, did you feel a deep sense of loss that you could not quite place? Did it churn in your stomach or choke up your heart and throat?

What is an Empath and are each of you one? You tell me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Guided Visualization Into The Empathic Mind

~Close your eyes and begin to count yourself backward from 10 to 1.

~ When you feel your breathing slowing and evening out, feel your body begin to relax, section by section. Start with the feet, working your way up to the legs, the hips, the torso, the arms, the hands, the neck, and the head ~ until you feel like a big blob of goo.

~ Once you are in your goo state (lol), see yourself through your mind's eye, standing at the base of a winding staircase. Walk up the staircase to a door. Open the door.

~Inside this one door, laying before you, is a very long hallway filled with doors.

~To the left of you are doors filled with moments in your life you would rather forget, things you are ashamed of, things that hurt you so bad you repressed those memories, things which no one sees, not even yourself.

~To the right of you are doors filled with all of the bright moments in your life, your achievements, the happy moments you cherish, the people that you love, etc.

~ At the end of this long hallway you come to an intersecting hallway which runs horizontal to the hallway filled with your memories. In this intersecting hallway, there are more doors, spanning off in either direction.

~ Within these doors, you will find all of the accumulated experiences you have gathered vicariously through your empathic ability.

I can take you no further on this journey, because for each of you, the journey will be different based on your life experiences and what you wish to accomplish by coming to this place.

In this place, lays the totality of your life. In this place, you will meet yourself, in both the good and bad moments. And here is where you will learn to accept yourself in your totality.

So remember:
"Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it."
---- Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)

The rest of this walk, is yours alone to complete. Happy trails.

The World In Perspective

In this discussion we are going to talk about what affect the world perspective has had on each of us, from the viewpoint of the family all the way to the world stage. But to do that, first we must understand a few terms in more detail.

Perspective is defined as:
the choice of a single point of view from which to sense, categorize, measure or codify experience, typically for sharing with another. It may be a visual, audio, or linguistic choice, depending on the sense to be addressed and the media used to effect the sharing. Viewpoint is another word for this principle - with a similarly broad interpretation.

A world perspective, or worldview, is defined as: it describes a consistent (to a varying degree) and integral sense of existence and provides a framework for generating, sustaining, and applying knowledge.

So based on these two definitions, perspective on the whole can be broken down based on systems which separate and unify a certain group of people together. Some of these are (but are not limited to), family perspective, political party affiliation perspective, religious denomination perspective, community perspective, environmental perspective, peer perspective (such as at work or at school, friends, lovers, etc.), city perspective, state perspective, a national perspective, a climate perspective, a continental perspective, an intercontinental perspective, and a world perspective.

Obviously, going over each and every one of these perspectives would be time consuming, would probably bore you to tears, and would draw away from the main point of this discussion. So instead of a long drawn out discussion, we will only look at a few to put the whole into context for you.

The Family Perspective

Family is defined by a number of different factors. So here are a few definitions to bring it into focus: 1. a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head; 2.a group of persons of common ancestry; 3.the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children ; also : any of various social units differing from but regarded as equivalent to the traditional family

Throughout recorded history, in every culture, the family has been the fundamental building block of any society. And the family perspective is the first perspective, outside of a person's personal perspective, to be ingrained on their personalities. It takes a child, in their formative years, from the singular concept of 'me' to the plural concept of 'we'. And within the family perspective, lays the foundation from which that person will develop their own personal perspective and their world perspective, and all of the prejudices which will tint that views as they grow older. As well, it encompasses all of the other types of perspectives.

So to personalize the meaning of all of this, the family perspective is a major part of what makes you who you are. It is part of what made you pick the friends you did, and the romantic relationships you chose. It is part of what made you decide upon what political part to belong to and what religion to join. It, also, helped to develop your personal preferences and your prejudices. And it helped develop your self esteem, your self worth, and many of the behavioral patterns you use.

The Religious Denomination Perspective

Religion, like family, is defined by a number of different factors. So here are a few definitions of religion: 1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs; 2. a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects; 3. an organized approach to human spirituality which usually encompasses a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural or transcendent quality, that give meaning to the practitioner's experiences of life through reference to a higher power or truth.

So, the religious perspective would be that which a person or a group of people choose to believe in and adhere to, pertaining to the more spiritual aspects of life. Within the scope of one set of beliefs, many groups can form, branching off into separate denominations or sects. Each of the denominations would adhere to the same core beliefs, but would then extend those beliefs into something that is different from other denominations.

This type of perspective, like that of the family, helps to shape who we are, how we view the world around us, and how we interact with others. It brings to us a sense of unification, or a sense of belonging, and gives purpose and meaning to our lives. It is also one of the dominant filters which tint the world around us. It helps in the formation of our prejudices and preferences. And it spirals out into all other aspects of our lives.

The Peer Perspective

Another perspective that has great influence on both our personal perspective and our world perspective, is that of the peer perspective. A peer is defined as: A person who has equal standing with another or others, as in rank, class, or age, in a specified group

The peer perspective, is all of those opinions which influence your own, from those you consider your equal like friends, lovers, co-workers, etc. These are the people we rely on to help shape our personal world, our opinion of ourselves (outside of the family perspective), and our opinions of others. It is here that prejudices can turn into bullying and self esteem can be eliminated with nothing more than a few cutting words. It is also here where we find the most support and understanding, outside of the family perspective. This is the place where romances are formed, and new family structures begin.

Most begin to develop a peer perspective, outside of the family, when they begin school. But it is not until the adolescent years, where teens are beginning to push against the walls of their family perspective, in the desire to individualize themselves as distinct entities apart from the family, that real peer perspective begins. This is because the circle of peers a teen cultivates, will in some ways, replace the family.

The World Perspective

All of the topics listed above play their part in helping us form our own worldview. Some of them are developed through the family. While others through religious affiliations and peer groups. But the worldview is also cultivated through the mass media.

If you spend half your life watching the news and reading the newspaper, in which there are segments or articles vilifying certain types of religions, peoples, or beliefs, it becomes very natural to take on those same beliefs. This is because, one assumes that the general opinion being held by an overall community (local, national, or international) is that which is expressed and influenced by the mass media. This coupled with the family, peer, political, and religious perspectives helps to build a person's worldview.

There are many levels to the concept of putting the world into perspective. The depths of these individual levels is dependent on the person in question. It varies from person to person, based upon a melding pot of all of the different types of perspectives combined.

What Does This Have To Do With You?

What does this have to do with you? As an Empath, it is extremely important to understand both your own perspective and those of the people around you. The better you understand how those perspectives were formed, the better you understand the person in question. It means you can more easily slip into their perspective and see where they are coming from in any discussion, debate, or argument.

It may seem like alot of information to take in, at any given moment. But keep in mind this is what you do instinctively on an unconscious level, and this discussion only brings it to the surface to add conscious understanding to it. ^_^

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Empath's Guilt

There are a number of types of guilt, but none as harrowing as that which we put ourselves through, whether it is well deserved or imagined. There is also the type which rises out of the words of others, but these only go on to fuel what was within us already.

Empathic guilt, for someone who is drowning in self loathing already, will, as a result, be a much more powerful hit against their ego. It will push them further down into the stagnant waters of their own festering psyche.

But before we go further, we should look at what empathic guilt is exactly and what sets it apart from other types of guilt.

Empaths are highly emotional people, as a general trait. They tend to have low self esteem and self worth, and will often times base their own view of themselves on how others see them (since they have the ability to see through other people's eyes).

Imagine having a parent who did nothing, as you grew, but berate, belittle, and malign you. On the surface this seems like nothing more than emotional/psychological abuse, but for someone who was hypersensitive emotionally anyway, this can become the beginnings of a self defeating cycle which will repeat itself over and over again throughout that person's life.

For this type of person, there is a natural evolution. They learn to tap down their own emotions, while focusing on others. They become kings/queens of avoidance. They become people pleasers, because any intense emotion (anger, fear, sorrow, horror, rage) is like taking a punch to the gut. They become afraid of the intensity of intimacy and relationships, often causing them to isolate themselves in their shells.

And in the relationships they do have, they tend to hover around those who are suffering, because in this, they can be a salve to any wound. They also, sometimes, end up in relationship which reinforce their already low opinion of themselves. This can take the form of any type of abuse, and will even pour down onto their children.

This sounds like every abused person you've ever met right? That in and of itself is part of this discussion. We are human beings who are prone to all of the adversities that others are. Our personalities are shaped through our experiences, just like everyone's is. But when you add to that mix the ability to see through others eyes, you can end up with double or even triple the load a regular person would bear. It becomes the only reinforcement that that person needs to keep them wallowing in self pity, silently hurting themselves over and over gain, because they deem themselves worthy of nothing more than that.

But the truth is much different than the tinted windows through which they see themselves in respect to the world around them. On one side of the coin you have a victim, who can not rise above their own suffering to move forward in their own life and who repeats a cycle of self mutilation over and over again. On the other, you have someone who has learned to cope with their problems, who has let go of those silent voices, which forever mock and belittle the Empath as trash, a freak, or just plain crazy.

So the amount of guilt you feel in your life, is based on the value you place on yourself. If you have none, then you draw those kinds of people, experiences and cycles to you. If you have even a moderate amount of self worth, then imagine the possibilities of what you could draw to your side.

Hyper sensitive, empathic, and other terms of the same ilk, do not have to mean you are a perpetual victim or martyr. And just because someone holds no value on you, does not mean no one ever will. But if it does not start with you, others will not see it either. So to be a truly functioning Empath, you must be the most important person in the room, to yourself, even as you give of yourself to others in need. Otherwise, there is no balance, and the one who will perpetually suffer is you. This is what is meant when one says they live in their own personal hell, or that they feel like a bird in a cage.

We, each of us, determine how others see us. We choose this by how we see ourselves.

In my own life, there were very few who saw real value in me. Verbal abuse reverberated through my head, particularly when I was about to achieve something worthwhile in my life. And for a long time I wanted to blame those voices of self recrimination on those who had said them in the first place. But no one forced me to keep a running tab of insults thrown at me. That was my own doing, just as it was my own inner voice which whispered those hurtful things at me, beneath the mask of others voices.

For a long time, I could find no escape from this cycle of self mutilation. And at my lowest, I saw no point in continuing to live. But when a time arose that I found myself completely alone and finally surrendered out of shear exhaustion, I was forced to face myself in my entirety. There were real parts of me I could not stand. There were also other things which made me feel, for the first time in a long time, pride in myself. And the reality is, even knowing those bad things about myself, didn't make it better. It is one thing to know of something, and another to accept it. And it took time to go from one step to the next. And with this, there are never any guarantees. But when Pandora opened the box filled with the world's sorrows, what she found at the bottom of the box, when it had been emptied, was hope. And so, too, can you. ^_^

Online Empathic Resources

Here are some helpful resources, forums, and websites for Empaths (with no particular order: online community

Empathic Ethics

When one thinks about empathy, one thinks of sharing a moment in time, both emotional and cognitive with another person. One thinks of feeling what the other person feels, and what the other person sees. And on the whole, this would be a moderately accurate description for any who have not had the empathic experience on such a regular basis, as to make it, second nature to them. But what is left out of this description are the warnings and ethics of this gift. Because with any gift, psychic or otherwise, there comes great responsibility, not just to themselves, but also to others.

This is accomplished by developing your own set of ethics, based on the morals instilled into you by your culture, religion, and family. All of these play key rolls in helping you to develop your own ethics, as an Empath.

But there is another level of Ethics, that is universal to us all. They are not dependent on what prejudices tint your perspective. The most important ethics can be broken down into a few words: temperance, humility, limits, and detachment.

1. If you choose to work, as an Empath, with other people, then the responsibility for the use of that gift, is yours alone.

2. People are not toys, and their lives are not a fun game for you to play with, mess with, or manipulate to your hearts content. It should be mentioned that there is no harm in seeing the experiences of other people as a vicarious learning tool. This helps bring balance to the empathic endeavor. Using others experiences, that you receive vicariously, can enable you to better understand those you will help in the future, as it broadens the scope of your own personal perspective. This must be tempered with altruism and humility, though, for you hold in your hands a multitude of other people's experiences.

Empathy must never be used to manipulate, abuse or belittle others. Empathy has the power to heal and the power to destroy, at a very basic human level because it is directed at the emotional base of a person, instead of at its more logical cogantive side. Knowing and understanding the way people work, on an emotional level, can give an Empath a false sense of empowerment, if not tempered with humility. And if the Empath is not secure in his/her own self esteem and self worth, it can blind them, giving them an unrealistic sense of pride, which can foster a false sense of entitlement. This coupled with the sense of empowerment, are a dangerous combination. It is the makings of an Emotional Manipulator, or in this case an Empathic Manipulator.

An Empath's best friend is the ability to detach, particularly when working with others in an empathic capacity. It seems like an irony, I know. An Empath is a feeler, and not one who detaches from those they are helping.But in this, an Empath must set and know their limit, so that when and if the emotional burden of another becomes to great, they have the ability to pull away. This does not make the act of loving and the act of detaching a paradox. This is not an act of hatred, anger or upset toward another person. It is an essential act of self preservation that must be understood, honed, and utilized, given the very overwhelming nature of possessing an Empathic gift.

5. The only responsibility you bear, as an Empath, is that you choose to take unto yourself. No one can force that on to you. Each person is responsible for the situations they find themselves in, the people they choose to associate with, and the way they choose to live their lives. Empaths are not super humans. They are not omnipotent, in that they can always foresee the future (though prophetic dreams and premonitions can sometimes be a part of the gift). We choose who we help, we choose our limits, we choose what we take on ourselves, all while having our own lives to live. This is true for anyone, but especially Empaths (though some might argue it to the contrary).

6. An Empath should never attempt to force their own feelings, or how they believe the other person should feel, upon another person. It degrades the very act of offering empathy to others, their experiences, and their emotions. This one is a hard one sometimes, because we as Empaths have the dual perspective of seeing what the other person sees and feels, as well as that of an outside perspective that is free from the bindings of being in the situation. So we, in our misguided pride, believe we have the answer, because we are adept at problem solving for others. But most Empaths have the ability to know when they should not offer to much, or when it would impede the growth of the other person to try to solve their problems for them, instead of simply offering solace and a friendly ear. Its learning to listen to that skill, that Empaths find the hardest to do. This particular skill arrises only when the Empath trusts in themselves, their gift, and their purpose for being there in that single moment. Until then, there is always room for doubt, thus always room for making mistakes about how to approach another and how much help is needed/desired/necessary to be offered up.

This is only the beginnings of a working model of Empathic Ethics, from which, one can begin to expand into their own personal set of ethics. People are complex beings, so no one set of ethics is going to be the same as another person's might.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Empath Quiz ~ What Empathic Type Are You?

What Empathic type are you?

Here is my result:

You Scored as Balanced Empath

As a Balanced Empath, you possess a blending of some or all of the other Empath types, balanced and unified in working as one. You possess the ability to lead and to teach others.

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The Empath Survey: What Would You Do?

This is the Empath Survey, where you get to answer some questions, and ask any you might have, as well. So think about it, and tell us, what would you do? Feel free to answer any or all of the questions, and add more questions.

The Empath Survey

1)How did you feel when you found out you were an Empath?

2) Do you see your empathic ability as a curse or a blessing?

3) Do you have premonitions?

4) Do you get overwhelmed by other people's emotions? How do you handle it?

5) Do you sense positive and negative energies?

6) Do people seem to trust your intuition and heed your warnings?

7) Do you even tell people you are an Empath? How do they react?

8) Do you pick up random emotions when in public, and get very annoyed/upset when you can not find who the emotions belong to? How do you handle this?

9) Do you find people automatically upon meeting them start telling you personal things about themselves without you asking?

10) How many serious relationships and friendships have you had in your life? How did being an Empath affect those relationships?

11) When people lie and you sense it, how do you react?

12) What would you like to do with your abilities?

13) When you sense something bad is going to happen but can't pinpoint it, what do you do?

The Root Chakra

There are seven chakra points on the body. They are the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown. Here is a chart:

In this discussion we will be talking about the Root Chakra.

Root Chakra Information

Color: red

Sanskrit Name: muladhara

Physical Location: base of the spine

Gems/Minerals: Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, red jasper, black tourmaline, obsidian, moky quartz, Agate, Onyx, Hematite, Red Coral

Scents: Patchouli, cedar wood, lavender, musk, hyacinth, cinnamon, sandalwood.

Essential oils: Patchouli, cedar wood, sandalwood

Purposes: kinesthetic feelings, movement

Spiritual Lesson: material world lessons

Area of Body Governed: spinal column, kidneys, legs, feet, rectum, immune system

Blocked Root Chakra: When the root chakra is blocked there is an interruption in the flow of earth energy - your grounding and nutrition - so part of you will say, “what is the point of being here,” or “why am I here.” You will be in denial of life and life’s lessons. You will feel disconnected, rootless, alienated from others. You may have severe mood swings. Your ability to manifest will not flow. You will lack energy both physically and mentally to give you the boost you need to survive your life on earth. You will fear for your survival but lack the energy to do anything about it.

Over-active Root Chakra: You can be domineering, highly strung so that you have difficulty sleeping. You may become greedy, aggressive, sexually manipulative, reckless, impulsive, and see everything and everyone as a threat.

Under-active Root Chakra: You can appear weak, tired, lethargic, and overcautious. You will be afraid of change. You lack confidence, fear of being abandoned, harbor self-destructive tendencies and become disinterested in life.

A Balanced Root Chakra: When the root chakra is balanced you feel grounded, centered, and able to live in the here and now effortlessly. You feel alive with a strong connection to yourself and those around you. Your life is working on all levels, but even if there are areas that are not working you are confident that they will work out. You are healthy and want to take care of yourself, usually manifesting as an interest in your nutritional intake and physical exercise.

When the root chakra is balanced you are able to manifest an abundance of everything you need to survive.

Root Chakra Affirmations

1. I am willing to release all fears, worries and concerns about money, my career, safety, and protection.

2. I know that I am perfectly protected and that all my needs are met abundantly.

3. I am safe and secure at all times.

4. I am divinely protected and guided and my way is made smooth and easy.

5. I love my feet. They show me the way.

6. I love my legs. They give me support.

7. I am open to expanding my awareness of life.

8. I am willing to release all my old patterns of fear and insecurity to live with joy and well-being now.

9. I know that I belong. I know that I am safe.

10. People now support me in an easy and pleasurable way.

11. It is safe for me to enjoy my life now.

12. I am willing to be my own good mother and look after myself properly at all times.

13. I am responsible for the quality of my life.

14. I am open to new ideas, new thoughts, and new people in my life.

15. I am willing to consider the possibility that there are new approaches to enjoying
life which will enhance my sense of being alive and give me pleasure.

16. Life is good.

17. I trust life supports me in fulfilling my purpose.

18. I have a right to be me, just exactly as I am.

19. I have a right to express myself and manifest my dreams.

20. I can have pleasure.

21. I trust in the process of my life to unfold for my highest good and greatest joy.

22. I love my life just exactly the way it is.

23. I am free to make whatever changes are necessary for my future.

24. I can risk doing what I feel is right.

25. I am a life enhancer.

26. I am creating a healthy foundation on which creativity can flourish.

27. It is safe to me to be here.

28. The earth supports me and meets my needs.

29. I love my body and trust its wisdom.

30. I am interested in abundance.

31. I am here and I am real.

32. I trust my Higher Self fulfills all mu needs. My life is full of prosperity.

33. I am safe. I trust in the natural flow of life.

34. I trust my Higher Self to fulfill all my needs. My life is full of prosperity.

35. I know who I am and make choices based on what I know to be right for me.

36. I am supported in life through all my choices to do good and share the light of love.

37. My body supports me in living a creative and happy life.

38. I am open to the spirit of life, which carries me beyond my original limits to a higher, more creative space.

39. I am thankful for all the opportunities for growth and development that have come my way.

40. I am grateful for the challenges that have taught me who I truly am.

41. I love life.

Root Chakra Meditation~ taken from this website:
by Lonny J. Brown, HHC from his book Enlightenment in Our Time: The Perennial Wisdom in the New Millennium

Take a deep breath and pull it down through your body to the very base of your spine, the seat of the first chakra. As you release the air, relax all the muscles in your toes, feet and legs. Take in more air and focus on your connecting point to the earth. Now release the air, .. relax down through your body, and continue to send your attention deep into the center of the earth. Picture magnetic lines of force coming from the earth's core, connecting with your own root center. Allow that force to arise within you, from below.
Imagine a feeling of power surging into this "root" center from the deep center of the earth. As it increases, keep your attention on this powerful magnetic energy at the bottom of your spine.
Focusing at the base of the spine, imagine that with each breath, energy collects and builds up there. Continue to relax, and sense the feelings in the coccyx, perineum, anus, and deep inside your pelvic cavity, the foundation of your body. Sensing your root center, breathe as if the earth's energy is coming directly into you from below. Allow the energy to build, like a growing, magnetic force.
Feel the weight of your attachment to the earth: its gravitational pull on your body, through the mass of rock.. dirt.. clay.. and minerals. Sense the huge mass of the planet under you, pulling you down towards dense earth. You are born of this earth, and when you die, your body will return to it.

Earth animal that you are, you eat of the earth and eliminate earth fertilizer. Your awareness is purely biological, immersed in life's ecological cycles. In the womb of creation, you are pulsating flesh, bound by living sinews and fibers. The dominant color is blood red. Smell your own odors. Feel the cool dirt.
Be aware of your pelvic area, legs, and feet. Feel the density of your bones, the core and support structure of your body, minerals taken up from the earth and deposited inside you, compacted by gravity, formed against the pull of the earth.

You are at the most primitive stage of evolution. Your behavior is animal-instinctual and reactive. You are motivated by survival drives, such as hunger and fear. You are isolated and fiercely individual. All you know of reality is physical and self--referent. Like an infant, you identify solely with the body, and exist in a sensory, material realm of stimulus and response. You experience yourself at the center of everything that happens. You love to eat and sleep. You fear pain, and death.
Your sole purpose is self-preservation. Persistent and self-sufficient, you can be greedy or aggressive. Allow yourself to acknowledge your "dark" side, and your potential for "small- mindedness," for it is the necessary lesson of this level of existence. Know yourself as an inheritor of animal instincts, and primitive tendencies. Fully accept that you are a creature of habits and needs, rooted in the earth.
Continuing to breathe in and out through your lowest nerve plexus, allow your body to begin to feel that you are in a safe place. Perhaps you feel secure and comfortable enough to let go of your protection.. to relax, and sigh. You could use the affirmation. "I belong on this earth." (repeat..) or "Here and now, I feel safe." (repeat..)
As your breath pulls up the Earth's energies, picture at your root center, a red square box, filled with dark, rich soil which is moist and cool. Inside, a coiled serpent is sleeping... Your task is to warm the environment, and so wake up the snake.

Grounding Technique ~ taken from this webpage:

Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly in. (Take your shoes off so you can feel the floor under you.) Press into your feet as if you were trying to push the floorboards apart between your feet. You will feel a solidity come into your legs as you do this. This comes from pushing down into your feet.

Once you can feel that solidity, you are ready to begin the exercise. Inhale deeply and bend your knees, letting your belly relax. Now exhale and push into your feet s-l-o-w-l-y, pushing as you did before and allowing your legs to slowly straighten. Do not let them straighten all the way, but bend them again and inhale as you go down into your legs. Push again against the floor as you exhale, pushing your energy downward through your body.

Do not completely straighten your legs, keep breathing, and move slowly. If you are doing this correctly, you will start to feel a slow vibration in your legs as you push against the floor. This vibration is the charge of energy moving through your legs and into your first chakra. It can be used to push out blocks, to increase your sense of contact with your body, or to simply make you feel awake and refreshed.

It is possible to get overcharged, however, so exercise caution in how long you keep this up. If you get overcharged and feel anxious, kick your feet into a pile of pillows, shake your body, or let out whatever feelings are arising.

Root Chakra Meditation Videos

Root Chakra Links

Root Chakra Grounding & Meditation Links

The Sacral Chakra

There are seven chakras in the body. They are the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown. Here is a chart of them:

In this discussion thread we will be talking about the sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra Information

Sanskrit Name: swadhisthana

Physical Location: lower abdomen to the navel

Purposes: emotional connection

Color: orange

Incense: Gardenia, Sandalwood, Myrrh

Flower Essence: Hibiscus, Willow, Oak, Elm, Indian Paintbrush, Lady's Slipper, Rosemary, Juniper, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang-Ylang

Gem/Crystal: Garnet, Orange Tourmaline, Peach Moonstone, Hematite, Coral, Amber, Citrine, Topaz, Fire Agate, Orange Spinel, Fire Opal;

Spiritual Lesson: creativity, manifestation. honoring relationships, learning to "let go"

Area of Body Governed: sexual organs, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, middle spine

Physical Disorders related to the Sacral Chakra: Some of the physical disorders which might occur when this chakra is not functioning to its full potential are bladder and kidney disorders, circulatory problems, intestinal complaints, shallow or irregular breathing, low energy, disturbances of the central nervous system, migraines and dysfunction of the reproductive organs.

Balanced Energy at the Sacral Chakra: When this Chakra's energy is balanced you will be in touch with your own emotions and be trusting towards others.

Excessive Energy at the Sacral Chakra: Excessive energy here can cause you to become over-emotional, aggressive, over-ambitious, manipulative, over-indulgent and be obsessed with sex.

Deficient Energy at the Sacral Chakra: Deficient energy here can create feelings of over-sensitivity, timidity, resentment, distrust and guilt.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

1. I release all my desires and appetites to the light. I release any fears or negative thoughts that keep me from knowing peace, harmony and balance.

2. All of my thoughts and emotions flow harmoniously. All of my desires are perfectly balanced.

3. I unconditionally love and approve of myself at all times.

4. I trust in my own perfection.

5. I am good enough to have what I want.

6. I release my negative attitudes which block my experience of pleasure.

7. It is safe to have life easy and pleasurable.

8. I allow pleasure, sweetness, and sensuality into my life.

9. I allow abundance and prosperity into my life.

10. I give myself permission to enjoy my sexuality fully.

11. I trust the Infinite Intelligence to give me everything I need for my growth
and development.

12. I am enough. What I do is enough. What I have is enough. Who I am and what I do is enough.

13. I open myself to the beauty, joy, and harmony of the Universe and I enjoy it.

14. I trust the process of life.

15. I love myself exactly as I am right now.

16. I am happy in my body and I express my sexuality freely.

17. I accept and acknowledge my sexuality. My physical health is strong and pure.

18. I deserve pleasure in my life.

19. I absorb information from my feelings.

20. Life is pleasurable.

21. I move easily and effortlessly.

22. I am in control of my own sexuality.

Sacral Chakra Meditation
By Wendy, Sibylline Priestess

Sit or lie comfortably. Start off by taking 3 long deep cleansing breaths. Just breathe in completely and exhale all the way out.

On your next inhale, just inhale all positive feelings. And exhale all stress and all tensions. Then just breathe in a comfortable manner for yourself. Just breathe in, concentrating on your breathing. Not thinking about anything but your breathing. Breathing slowly and fully – feeling your lungs expand and let go. Notice where your body touches the surface beneath you. Let that surface totally support your body now.

When you breathe in, relax into the surface and breathe out slowly – developing a rhythmic flow to your breath. Your body begins to relax more with each breath of air that pours into you. Feel the relaxation flowing into you each time you breathe in. And with each exhalation feel yourself blowing out the pressures and stresses of the day. Just breathe slowly and deeply, just resting behind the warm darkness of your eyelids. Breathe fully and evenly, let each new breath nurture you. With every breath you breathe in, you’re filling your body and mind with peace and serenity. With each breath you exhale, you’re letting go of all tightness, tension, and negativity.

Inhale, filling your body and mind with peace and serenity. Then exhale, letting go of all tightness, tension, and negativity. Continue breathing, not thinking about anything but relaxing. Listen and relax.

Now focus on your sacral chakra – just above your pelvic bone and below your navel. We’re moving up the spectrum of light to the orange wavelength - The color of oranges, of sweet potatoes. Imagine this vibrant orange light in front of you. Take 3 deep yogic breaths, inhaling this pulsating orange energy. With each inhale, feel the warm orange light fill your body and center on your sacral chakra. Feel your sacral chakra, just below your navel, energize with this vibrating orange light. Feel the light massage your sacral chakra, gently awakening it. After your third yogic breath, return to your normal, relaxed breathing pattern.
Continue to breathe in this invigorating orange light.

Once your sacral chakra has been filled, feel the orange light spread from your sacral chakra throughout your lower abdomen. Notice how your lower abdomen feels warmer now – energized with this vibrant orange light. When you awaken the sacral chakra, you will be able to affirm your sexuality and sensual nature and feel at home in your own body.

Color Breathing Exercise For Sacral Chakra

1. Center your awareness on the sacral chakra, an inch or two below your belly button. You'll feel it when you open up to it.

2. Imagine this point as a deep orange point of warm, glowing light.

3. Inhale deeply, and visualize the air as a thick, orange cloud being pulled into your body from your sacral chakra. Allow the breath to completely fill your lungs.

4. As your lungs fill, relax and allow the breath to begin rolling evenly outward. Continue to visualize the air as thick, orange, and full of warm energy.

5. Continue to breathe, allowing the air to fill your lungs and then roll slowly outward.

6. Remain mindful of your sacral chakra as a glowing point of orange energy.

7. Also be aware of the fact that your body is mostly water. Feel your weight settle beneath you, but also feel the freedom to shift your weight into any direction.

Sacral Chakra Meditation Videos

Sacral Chakra Links

Sacral Chakra Techniques & Meditations