Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Empathic Intent

What is Empathic Intent? Empathy is defined as: Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives. Intent is defined as: Something that is intended; an aim or purpose.

So Empathic intent in focus would be the aim or purpose of feeling and/or understanding another's situation, feelings and motives. Put more plainly, it is the reason you do what you do, when you reach out to others to help them. It is your driving motivation. It is the core that compels you to do what it is you do so well.

Now to make my point a little clearer, I'm going to detour here, so bear with me for a bit. It will all eventually come full circle and make quite a bit of sense.

What is magic? It is defined as:. The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural Here to you see intent being utilized, in a different fashion, in order to manifest a desired result.

What is prayer? (and this is not asked with disrespect to any religion) The definition is thus:A reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship. Again what you are looking at is intent through a petition to Deity to manifest desired results.

For all intensive purposes, it is the same event done in different ways, in different venues. My point here, you might be wondering?

Empathic intent is the same, more or less. What drives us is the same as what drives others to seek supernatural intercession for a desired effect. But in our case, we seek to a alleviate the pain of others, in part because it sooths their souls, and in part because it eases the burden on our own.

Intent is one of the most important concepts to understand in this world. Whether it is relgious in nature or simply spiritual, intent is the deepest tendrils into our motives.

None of these actions are selfless, whether it be prayer, spellcraft, or acting as an Empath, because in its own way, this is a diadic partnership between deity and the wisher, spirit and the conjurer, or Empath and the one being helped. It is mutual and symbiotic, and if not done in balance, can wrought very negative effects, for one or both parties.

The question becomes, how does one keep intent in balance, when it is not a totally selfless act? You are not giving freely of yourself without any expectation of something in return. Certainly I do not speak of monetary restitution or a favor owed. Something must be given, even if it is something small, for this balance to be retained.

First lets look at that balance. For there to be balance, there must be two people, two wills, within the exchange. If the Empath does not believe themselves worthy of being in the exchange, then all they will do is absorb the negativity and bring misery upon themselves, while the other person is freed of their burden. It is an unfair exchange, because there is no balance.

How do we alleviate this situation, and bring it back into balance? The Empath, before attempting such an exchange, must have a strong sense of self, to be able to walk into this situation on equal footing person they work with. This means, that the Empath must have a strong enough will to be able to bear the weight of another's problems, without losing themselves in the process. This is the balance that a Healthy Awakened Empath brings to this exchange.

Without this, the Empath loses their sense of self and their will, beneath the weight of the other person's emotions, feelings, and motives. To make this clearer, have you ever wondered why you hate crowds? When you are in the group, no only do you feel overwhelmed but you also feel as though you are being swept along with the majority's mentality. You feel weak because the prevailing mentality overwhelms you forcing you to flow along a river you normally wouldn't have jumped into without forethought. This process, when over, leaves you guilt ridden and ashamed. Thus this becomes a situation to be avoided at all costs.

The same is true with a one on one with a single person. You become overwritten by the other person's mentalities and sentimentality. Imagine working with someone who is a very angry person. In turn, even though you do not generally have this predisposition, you find yourself inexplicably yelling at your children or throwing things. And when you are done, you wonder why? And again, you feel guilt ridden and shame.

All of this is about unbalanced intent, because the empath does not consider themselves in the equation. They are solely focused on the one that they feel is in need of help. And because this is what you were built, quite literally, to do, you are compelled to help.

Having the intent to help others is a wonderful thing, truly. It is a beautiful way of looking at the world. But if healing others is detrimental to yourself, how many others do you think you will be able to heal before you end up with depression and the desire to end your own life? How many of you have reached that point at least once in your life already? I'd say the majority of you can answer in the affirmative here.

This is the reason why, before you act on this compelling intent, to heal others, you must have a strong foundation within yourself. Then the exchange becomes a fair balance. Because the only thing you will retain from the experience, once over, is the feeling and experience to vicariously draw on to help others. It will be nothing more than like watching a movie with the intent to understand human emotions more deeply. Their lesson will become your lesson, which in turn, will help you heal others more efficiently down the road.

Healthy intent is not self sacrifice or being a martyr to the cause of healing another. Healthy Empathic Intent is the ability to keep doing it within the scope of balance. Its a two way street, not a one way street that screams dead end at the end. It doesn't have to lead to depression and suicide. That only happens when you give up your own will to fight.

Well anyway, there is some food for thought for everyone. Hope it made sense. Seriously though, think about it. Its important for your own health and well being. Being an Empath is not synonymous with being a Martyr or a Victim. ^_^

So tell me, what is you Empathic Intent?

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