Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Empathic Support

There are two kinds of Empathic Support. One of these is the support an Empath gives to another person. And the other is the support an Empath needs from those around them that they are close to, in order to develop into a strong functioning Empath, instead of an Empathic Victim (a victim of your empathic gift). I'm only going to focus on the second type here.

We are all, as Empaths, inclined to offer whatever support we can muster to those in need. But more importantly, and sadly more uncomfortably for most Empaths, the need for personal support from their family, friends, lovers and peer group is usually the last thing an Empath thinks about. Those needs are left silent. Mind though, that it is not because the Empath is ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. Quite the opposite, actually.

Empaths are afraid to ask for help because they do not wish to be a burden on anyone. This rises out of the fact that an Empath can feel the weight of another person's pain and stress, and has no desire to add to their weight. They wish to be a soothing balm to a wound instead of another rock on the pile.

But this mentality is detrimental to the Empath, both mentally and physically. Because they become, quite literally, an island unto themselves in a dark ocean filled with stormy turbulent emotions. How easy, when battling this onslaught alone, it is to get lost beneath the intimidating waves and pulled even deeper by shifting currents beneath the surface. The Empath is left to drown in an ocean of their own tears with nowhere to turn but down, because there are no arms reaching out and there are no life jackets being tossed out to save them. And all of this, because the Empath refused to share their burden with another person.

If you are ever in trouble, please remember this one thing above all else. You don't have to be an Empath to offer love, support, and a helping hand to another. This isn't just our territory. People, particularly those we are close to and love, are capable of it to one degree or another. So don't be afraid to ask and lay your problems on the table.

Being a shadow in this world, does not mean you suffer less. Hiding, doesn't mean you are safer. And building a wall the size of the world, does not truly make you anymore secure. So remember this, when you are in need. There is nothing wrong with standing up in the world and being heard. You have dreams, desires, wants and needs, just like everyone else. And the only person who is denying them, is you. ^_^

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