Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Empathy, Clairsentience, & Psychometry

Empathy, Clairsentience & Psychometry. What do these thing have in common? More to the point, what are the second and third ones?

Defining Empathy, Clairsentience, & Psychometry

Lets look at a definition of each first. Empathy (as we have defined so many times) means:
the ability to sense and understand someone else's feelings as if they were one's own. Or it can mean: the power of entering into another’s personality and imaginatively experiencing his feelings.

Clairsentience literally means 'clear feeling'. A broader definition of this would be: being able to experience the physical sensations of another and may feel sensations of physical pain or discomfort, such as feeling headaches or nausea. Some people also incorporate experiencing entities (both corporeal and ethereal) emotions as well, while some separate this completely into the category of empathy.

Psychometry is defined as: the ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.

Similarities Upon Comparison

Imagine Empathy as the base, or root of a tree. It is a strong gift that, when mastered, can change a person's life. Now imagine the trunk of a tree, and call it Clairsentience. This is what your gift of Empathy grows into. And now, imagine Psychometry as the branches and leaves of the tree, with this being the highest point of growth.

(It is important to note here that these are not the only abilities which can develop out of the gift of Empathy. But this is the most direct line of development. One could also end up with another of the clair abilities, which are clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairambience. But for the purposes of this discussion, I will refrain from discussing these other ones. But I will post some links down at the bottom of the page about them, just in case anyone is curious to discover more about them.)

Basically what this does, is open your gift of Empathy up to higher development. You begin to sense energies, and the slightest changes in them. This is not limited to people, however. The gift expands to include animals, plants, and even inanimate objects and places.

In comparison, one sees that each of these, Empathy, Clairsentience, and Psychometry is a piece to a puzzle. One deals in the direct feelings of another. One deals in the physical and emotional feelings of another. And the last one deals in residual or indirect feelings which tend to be ingrained upon an object or place.

Each has its own place in the totality of the gift of sensing others. Each one can stand alone. Or because they compliment each other so well, they can work parallel with one another very easily.

Since this discussion does not go into to much depth, I am going to post some links to information on both Clairsentience and all of the other Clair abilities. I hope you find it helpful.

Links to definitions and descriptions:
http://www.spiritual.com.au/articles/psychics_mediums/defclairvoyance_gfallon.htm (descriptions of a number of the clair abilities)

Clairsentience & Empathy ~ Links:

Links to definitions and description of Claircognizance, and other Clair Abilities:
http://www.geocities.com/lilly_light/4-clairs.html (speaks of 4 of the clair gifts

Links to Psychometry:


Also here are some Videos on Clairsentience.


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