Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Examples Of Empathy

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-Your friend is telling you of a 'situation' with another friend, yet trying to make light of it, you just 'know' its affecting them far more deeper and you make a subtle comment, you may even be quite descriptive. Your friend turns around and says 'how did you know thats how I was really feeling?!' (Note, this is a frequent occurrence and not a one off.)

-Young child is playing at the local park a few houses away, falls over cutting open his knee. Mother at home gets a 'gut' feeling and drops what she's doing to go 'check-in' on her youngen' only to find her baby bawling his eyes out and cradling his injury.

-Mother is in a much-needed deep sleep and manages to squeeze in a couple of hours through the night. She awakes without obvious interruption to go 'check-in' on her baby who is stirring awake. Again a frequent occurrence.

-You're feeling happy and relaxed and had a great day. Partner comes home from work, grumbling the moment they walk in the door about how stressful the boss was and the pressure that was placed upon them. Within an instant you're grumbling back.

-You're talking with a friend about something that is of concern and his/her lack of interest starts to show, they become irritated with the conversation and in return you pick up the irritation and show it openly.

-Teenager has a rough patch with new girlfriend and is feeling down. You sense this and openly talk to him with obvious concern and understanding, he opens up and feels much better, over it!

-Walking into a house and instantly feeling a chill in the air, disharmony or that something unpleasant has occurred at some point in time.

-Going to visit someone, and prior to arriving, suddenly feel anxious and not know why, only to find out on getting to your destination that someone has just had an argument.

-Knowing, sensing bad news before it arrives, death of a loved one, illness, injury. This can occur many miles away from the source, even overseas.

-Thinking of someone just as the telephone rings and guess who it is!

-Having a strong feeling of prevailing danger prior to it actually happening.

-Problem-solving with mechanical devices, without knowing precisely how it is made.

-Problem-solving in many areas, the ability to 'look' deeper and find solutions.

-'Sensitive' to weather, knowing when a storm comes, may have physical effects that detect such. Either welcoming of weather changes or extreme opposite.

-Ability to sense illness/disease in others, some can go deeper and find cause of such.

-Detect changes of energetic vibrations either through physical form or spiritual

-Feeling fearful, phobic, careful to check if this is from oneself or picked up from another. If a phobia stems from oneself, the chance of having this multiplied when around others with similar phobias is not so pleasant, find the cause and work on healing, understanding this.

-Strong sense of direction, natural ability to navigate, in the car, walking etc, hardly get lost.

-Desire to always be on the move, trying out new things, keeping active in mind, body, spirit, the 'rut feeling' is almost claustrophobic, feeling trapped is something to get out of quickly!

-Need to know through hands-on experience, not just reading about something, but actually trying it out. Curiosity to know the mechanics of any given topic.

- Many empaths seem to carry an illness or disease of the mind and body and/ or had a variety. The more one understands about self, the less these may become to actually becoming completely healed. Being responsible for one's life actions may appear a hard and frightening task, yet the overall outcome is far more exciting AND accessible to all who choose such. "We are what we think" - here is a GREAT saying.

-This list is much more extensive than what is contained here.

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