Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Flowering Onion Of Empathy

If your an Empath, then you see the world on many levels. You probably don't even realize you do this either. This is because you see with your eyes, that which we call reality. This is also because you exist consciously on another level, where you are cognizant of the energies floating around you like tidal currents rippling through the air. A good example of this is, ever walk into a room filled with people, and there is a very excited energy about the room. And as you step into it, it feels as though all of the air has been sucked not only from your lungs but the room, as well? The room feels pressurized. Perhaps your ears even begin to pop because of the changes going on. Perhaps you are assailed with a sharp pain to the heart chakra or the solar plexus.

Of course you don't know exactly whom it rose out of, or if it is a collective feeling of all of those in the room. (this is true, at the very least, until you walk deeper into the room).

Because you perceive something which sounds alarm bells in your head, your outward senses immediately heighten. You look for people watching you, paranoia perhaps, but better to be sure with all your senses. You listen......and ask yourself silently, did everyone stop talking when I walked into the room? Did they continue to talk when I entered but stopped as I drew closer to them physically?

I know each of us has experienced this to some degree, and also been aware of it to some degree. But what made you cognizant of a change in the room in the first place? What set the alert 'deer eyes caught in headlights' sensation off within you? So we come back to the beginning of this discussion here, full circle, if you will.

You sense things on different levels, through your senses and through your empathic and/or intuitive senses. Sometimes one type will awaken and alert the other, while at other times one will validate the other.

As you stepped, metaphorically of course, into this discussion thread, what did you feel? Words, like corporeal flesh, exude emotional energy which it has been embued with by its creator. So you come to yet another layer upon which you are able of tuning into and feeling.

Note that all of these, beyond the external, are based in the emotional. This is why emotional intelligence is so important when one is practicing empathy and/or is an Empath.

Ever read a book which left you longing to join once more with its hero when you were done with it? Ever open an email and was hit by an emotional ton of bricks, even before you read a word? And then when you did, the weight doubled or tripled? Ever read a poem or a quote which left you shaking and close to tears because it touched you so deeply? All of these are examples of that layer we were talking about when I asked you what you felt when you walked into the room.

Another level of this perception begins at the moment your energy is touched or comes into contact with another person's energy, first impressions. You know what I mean. You've met people that you instantly clicked with, as though you've known them forever, and others who repelled you so bad that you became physically ill.

The latter of these is not a pleasant feeling, either, is it? How do you legitimately explain an aversion to another person you've just met. Is there something hidden within them that frightened you, which is dangerous or unstable? Is there something benign within them that you can not deal with, like self pity and/or self loathing? Is there perhaps prejudice? Sadly at this state, unless you are truly intune with your empathic gifts, these questions will not be answered to your satisfaction, or anyone elses, if you try to explain this to another person. You will simply end up hearing something like, 'You're just overeacting.'

Now comes the reality beneath the illusion. All of these layers seem imperceptible, don't they? But if you close your eyes and see with your mind's eye and your imagination, you can see beneath the surface, which your outward senses perceive.

As you stand, you are an antenna and a receiver. You are surrounded by thick swirling myst and fog. This is what charges the currents of flowing air. As one type of energy hits you like a current of water, it awakens within you a response that fits the energy.

The thought process behind this is a combination of the simple and the complex. Within your mind is a catalog or storehouse of information about energies and emotional responses that come with different types and frequencies. It will tell you that this energy is anger or that a different energy is joy. It will also, through the accumulation of emotional information garnered through personal experience, dictate how you should and will respond, on an instinctive level, to the stimuli you are being offered.

That pressure that seems to fill the room, that we discussed at the beginning of this thread, will bring the response of heightened awareness as it forces an alarm bell to go off in your head unconsciously that screams 'Danger Will Robinson! Danger!'

The emotional bomb with strikes you when you open an email full of emotion rises out of your perception of and understanding of the english (or whatever language being spoken) language. The better able you are in the art of verbal communication, both written and spoken, the harder this will hit you.

The moment your energy is touched by another's energy, and you either feel as though you desperately need a bath or you want to cling to it because it calls to you and draws you near, is much the same, as well. Within that storehouse of information (the brain) you have very specific reactions, based upon both direct and indirect experience, which tells you instinctively if a person is one you wish to be around or one you wish to run away from screaming at the top of your lungs.

The core to understanding all of this, is within the understanding of that storehouse of information which you use to interpret and react to the energies you come into contact with. To do this, you must understand yourself through the explorations of your experiences and the emotional consequences each experience wrought on you. Because through this singular process you came to the place you stand now. And to truly discover an alternate path, you must first understand how you arrived at where you are now. In this you learn at a very basic level how all things are intricately woven together.

Certainly none of this is easy. And it is not an overnight process or a cure all remedy for the problems which plague your life. But it is a beginning ~ a beginning of balance and understanding. And it is a beginning of change, through a change in perspective. It is the key to self awareness, empathic balance and spiritual development. And there is really no other way to reach the place you are longing for, except to hide from it and deny it. How's that worked for ya so far?

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