Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perception & Awakening

How can changing one's own inner perception of the world and themselves actually help them discover inner peace and spiritual awakening. How can a simple game help them to achieve this? Games like this:

Games like these help us see illusion for what it is. It brings the changing of perspective into the conscious mind, while it normally remains in the subconscious mind. This adds to the thought processes going on at the conscious level, making you WANT to turn and look at something a different way.

The first one helps us recognize the difference between our right and left brain capabilities. It puts form to a generalized idea that floats around in our heads. "Oh I'm left handed so that means I'm right brained.' or vice versa.

The second one is something we all do, look for order in chaos. We see human faces within the picture, because it is something that we are accostomed to doing without thought when we look into a chaotic pattern. Ever see a person's shape when you look into the snow on a TV screen? Same principle.

The third is seeing illusions where there are none. This is true with everything in life. We are told that we should see the black dots, and because of the way it is formed, we do. And then we start to count them. But in reality, there are no black dots, only white ones.

The forth and fifth ones go hand and hand, as well. They are about what what you perceive first, and what you then force your mind to see on a second glance. Do you see a duck or a rabbit first? Do you see a diamond or a rectangle? The point here is to see both.

All of these are simple examples of expanding your perception which can be taken to the outside world and used in any given situation. Likewise, as an empath we each have the capacity to see other's perspectives through their own eyes. This means we are able to see all sides of a story, instead of just our own or another person's. Think about what that means. You are a mediator, a peace maker, and a confidant to one and all, without exception and without fail if you so choose to be.

Being able to see in this way brings forth a desire for balance in one's own life, as well. It is a very unique talent that incorporates your natural gift of empathy well, but expands it to the whole of life and creation, if you let it. ^_^

You don't have to understand what I'm saying completely to see what the meaning is. You will discover this yourself through your own life experiences as you travel along your paths. This is merely food for thought.

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