Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Speaking the Words Outloud - I Am An Empath

Have you told anyone that you are an Empath? I did it once and the emotional energy I released, because I was telling a loved one, was so powerful I broke a vase in the process. Now this isn't a normal response (the breaking the vase without touching it response), but the anxiety we all feel is quite real.

We all have the words on the back of our tongues, but still they will not slip out, even to the ones we are closest to. This is because we fear what their response will be. In fact we hear it echoing through our head, don't we?


'Looney Tunes'


'A Nut'

We dread the look on their faces that we will read as they wrinkle their nose in disgust (as though they were seeing or smelling something disgusting) and crinkle their face up. Or perhaps the laughter that ensues upon this revelation being shared.

We worry so much sometimes that it makes us afraid of our own Empathic natures. It makes us attempt to suppress it because it is not 'normal'. We pay therapists tons of money to cure it. And we hide it like a scarlet letter branded upon our chests.

Where in this can we find pride and joy in who and what we are, when we deny our very nature to conform? Where can we truly discover who we are? Where can we discover all the beauty of this gift, that we deem a curse? And finally, where can we find acceptance, love and support for what we are free of judgment, prejudice, and expectation? Where can we finally stand up and say......'I am an Empath.'?

If you have family, friends, or a lover who knows, then believe you are truly blessed because most do not accept it, much less want to discuss it. It takes a rare breed of person to find the compassion within themselves to understand.

One of an Empath's greatest fears is being alone. And yet they can stand in a crowd, even while feeling the swirl of everyone's emotions, and be alone. We are, for the most part, alone in our natures. We are alone, no matter who surrounds us, because we do not have the understanding and support we need for this.

I pass no judgment on those who do not understand, even as I can not condone their harsh words, feelings and actions. The only thing I know is that this brings deep sorrow from every person who comes here. And it rises inside me like acid.

So let me just say, I know your pain. I know you want to cry because it hurts so much sometimes. I know because I feel it and I've been through it. So you are never alone in what you feel. You are never alone as an Empath. And hopefully, here you can finally rise up and say with pride........'I am an Empath.'

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