Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Intelligence Type Are You?

What type of intelligence are you? Take the quiz and find out.

Here are my results:

You Scored as Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)

You are a leader among your peers, are good at communicating, and seem to understand others feelings and motives.

Understanding the different types of intelligence (in a more distinctive fashion than simply emotional, spiritual and cognitive intelligence) will help you understand yourself better, and in turn, understand others better as well. This is because the more you learn about yourself, the more you indirectly you learn about others. And as your perspective broadens about yourself, the more it will broaden about other peoples perspectives.

Think of it like this. The world is a large unknown; the people in it, their thoughts, motivations, emotions, and such. You are your own text book, all be it without words. The more you learn about you, the easier it is to associate the things you know about yourself with other people. And in turn, the easier it becomes to understand them in their different aspects and in their totality.

This quiz breaks the types of intelligence down into categories, which are not exclusive of emotional, spiritual and cognitive intelligence, but are also inclusive toward a broadening of definitions and thus a broadening of categories. It also makes understanding easier, because it becomes more personal. Its about the type of person you are based upon your preferences and moods.

All of this adds to your understanding and your own emotional intelligence. Because if you understand what kind of intellect another person has, it is easier to approach them through their preferences. A Visual/Spacial intelligence person would be easiest to approach through drawings, computer games, architecture, and any other spacial application. A linguistic intelligence person would be easily approached through writing, discussions of books, blogs or other literary applications. It makes both Empathic Counseling/Healing work and regular interaction with others easier.

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