Friday, April 17, 2009

The True Potential Of An Empath

I’ve always believed that Empathy, whether claimed by an Empath or simply someone offering a shoulder to another person in their time of need, was a multidimensional process that existed on any number of levels. From mirror neurons to the higher spiritual development which rises out of the multilateral self awareness of an Empath, its purpose was to show us how we all connect with one another. It is the ultimate gift of unity, and within that awe inspiring truth, are lessons which ground, humble, temper, and lift us all up.

But the truest potential of an Empath is not in what one can do, whether one can heal with reiki or with words, if one can see another person’s perspective or a multitude of them at any single given moment. Its not even about whether one is overwhelmed by or detached from the emotions they pick up from other people.

Its truest potential…….and its truest gift is grounded in simplicity. And it can be exemplified in one single statement. ‘You are not alone.’ That is the most basic truth of the gift of Empathy, for both the Empath and the one being offered support.

Its not about being spiritual, one way or another. Its not about being religious. Its not even about being self aware. It is simply a feeling of connection, love, and support that is shared between two people or a multitude. Your truest and greatest potential is as simple and as complex as that.

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