Monday, June 8, 2009

The Empathic Life

Upon this path,
with unsure steps,
we walk in solitary contemplation,
into a world veiled in illusion,
of what is real,
and what lays just beneath the surface,
and we see,
we feel,
we sense,
we know,
what is beyond our kin.
For within the darkness,
there is a light that
shines brilliantly upon our eyes,
that of knowledge,
that of understanding,
and that of truth.

This is our gift.
This is our burden.
This is our curse and
our blessing from the divine.

And from separated hearts,
their tears become ours,
their pain, ours also to bear,
their joy, our exultation,
and their journey,
ours to walk in shadow.
For within us,
all hearts unify,
connecting into one.
We are the bindings of the web,
and shimmering diamonds in the dark,
to alight a path into the unknown,
to what lays just beneath the surface
of a reality born of illusion.

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