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The Levels Of Clairsentience Part 6

In the last portion of this discussion we looked at the psychological issues which can arise with many of the gifts listed in the main chart, The Levels Of Feeler Clairsentience. In this part of the discussion we will be looking at the the other aspects of this chart, which are the actual levels of feeler clairsentience. But since we've already gone over the definitions in the previous discussions, we will skip that part of the blog and move right onto an overall view of these gifts.

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The Source

When we talk about the levels of Clairsentience, in particular Feeler Clairsentience, what we first must focus on is the source of all of these abilities, whether we are speaking of projection or absorption. The source of all of these abilities is something called Emotional Energy. Other terms for this type of energy are Psychic Energy, Mental Energy or Prana. There are varying ideas on what this is, but a very basic definition for it would be a vital life-sustaining force of energy.

Each of the different abilities listed on the main chart, beyond the psychological issues that can arise, are based in the idea that a person can some how manipulate this energy to achieve some type of goal, whether this is projecting this energy on another person in order to make them feel something, absorbing this energy to transmute it or to replenish one's own dwindling energy or simply reading and interpreting the energies sent out by another person.

And because there are varying ways to manipulate this energy, we come to the reason why it has been broken down on the main chart as it has. It doesn't go directly into different types of abilities, but instead focuses, after the types of Clairsentience, on the different ways that this energy can be manipulated with things like projection, absorption and introjection being the main focus. This is done to help the reader understand the multilayered dimensions of the single term Clairsentience, from the possible psychological ramifications to the the different forms of manipulation that can be applied to this energy to the abilites themselves that are spawned from this one central idea.

Making Sense Of The Levels

In this discussion we look at a multilayered chart which breaks down the different types of Clairsentience. When we look at the abilities alone , we are left wondering how they relate to one another on the surface. For most of them, the connection simply can't be made on the surface. The idea that psi vampirism and empathy have anything to do with one another seems absurd on the surface. The idea that hands on healing could have anything to do with either of those two things, much less clairsentience, seems equally absurd. But thats only on the surface.

If you break the main chart down, you end up with 3 main layers: the abilities themselves, energy manipulation types, and psychological ramifications. When you look at the chart you will note that there are long lines going from the term 'feeler clairsentience' to a number of different things. Each of these is a energy manipulation type. The things that stem off of each of these are the possible psychological effects and the abilities that naturally flow from a particular type of energy manipulation.

In understanding these things you understand how to read the chart, which when put together as a whole instead of taken piece by piece, might seem like an overwhelming amount of information that is confusing and difficult to interpret.

The Disclaimer

When we say disclaimer, its not quite what one might think at the onset of reading this section. It is an explanation of a few simple things that may not be apparent while reading the rest of these discussions.

This discussion is a generalization of what most people will experience as they develop their abilities. But it would be a mistake to say that everyone will go through everything this one way or another. People are very individualistic, with shifting energy levels from one moment to the next. Thus their abilities, which are based in the emotional, will also shift at times, as well. Someone who uses energy manipulation to replenish their own dwindling energy might, in the next moment, give some of that energy to someone else to help uplift someone's emotional state.

The second point I'd like to make is that, despite what you might think, based on what you read, we are all human beings. Labels, titles, and names of abilities (empath, psi vamp, healer, etc.) are simply ways to understand what is happening to us and what we can do. But none the less, we are all still human. One type is no better or worse than the other, because they all have the potential to heal or harm, which is completely dependent on a person's intent. This is also exemplified in the idea that all of these abilities and energy manipulation types, stem from the same place.

This is by no means the end of these discussions, because there is quite a bit to go over when one delves into this topic to the depths which we are going. But this is enough to digest for now. ^_^

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