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The Levels Of Clairsentiences Part 5

In this, the 5th portion of this ongoing blog, we shall look at the reasons for putting this together in the way it was. And we will explore some of the deeper meanings of it. So lets start with an index of all of the pieces of this blog series.

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And for those who wish to see the full chart, you can go here to see it:
The Levels Of Feeler Clairsentience

The Backstory

So after all of those charts and definitions that gave you a headache, you arrive here. And I'll wager some of you are wondering 'WTF?!!' LOL

These discussions were never meant to show just the levels of Clairsentience, but also some of the repercussions that can occur because of these gifts. Often the people that find themselves saddled with these gifts also have underlying life issues that have been left unchecked for a long time. This includes, but is not limited to, low self esteem, little to no self worth, and/or egocentric personalities. When you add these kinds of gifts in with such issues, you can end up with even bigger problems than you had before.

The Martyr

Those with low self esteem and little to no self worth will find a false sense of worth and purpose in these gifts. But this is setting oneself up for failure sooner or later, because this type of person bases all of their worth on the kind words and appreciation of the people they help, instead of on a more stable foundation. So they are always looking for more people to help.

It is an addictive action, and in a way, its like a drug addict looking for their next fix. Now that may seem a harsh comparison because the person in question is helping others. But look at the underlying causes of that offer of help. Its not altruism. Its a need to feel good about themselves, to fill that sense of emptiness they hide behind their good deeds.

It doesn't seem like a big issue until someone fails to show the proper appreciation for the help and guidance they've been given. Then it can explode in the person's face who is offering the help, because their worth is tied directly into that gratitude. And it can cause that person to crash, hard, into a deep depression. It can also leave them wondering where their gifts and purpose have disappeared to. But the truth is, it was never there in the first place, because it was simply an addictive behavior from the beginning. Or if you flip your perception, the gifts have always been there and are still there, but have been utilized in such a way that it was unhealthy for the user. And when the illusion crumbles, so to does the use of their gift to sustain that illusion. And it is a long journey to reach a point where they can use their gifts again as they used to, only in a much healthier way.

The Egocentric

The egocentric personality, is based on the same principle as the martyr. This is because they are trying to cover a deep sense of emptiness with a facade, as well. But this type takes a different path, in that they begin to see the calculated potential of gifts like projection and heightened emotional intelligence.

When one has a deep understanding of the human mind and its psychology, and has the added ability of projection, it can give the egocentric personality a false sense of empowerment, pride and entitlement. And because this type is based in the context of 'me' instead of 'other people', it can develop into a severe delusion of grandeur.

At its most extreme, it can and does include things like Messiah complexes and God complexes. In this delusion, the egocentric personality begins to believe that because of their heightened emotional intelligence and ability to manipulate others, they are the way to things such as enlightenment and salvation. Or that there is no one in the world who is better than them or can do something specific better than they can.

But again, because this type of personality is based on a false facade, if it is not 'fed' in the proper way, it can become mean. This type will shift the blame for any issues or problems onto others, and through manipulation, cause others to fall just as far as they have or further, in order to build themselves back up. It will do whatever it has to to keep the delusion in tact, without the guilt of who they step on and hurt to do it.

The Conclusion

In exploring all of these types of gifts and repercussions, I'm pretty sure most of you saw yourself somewhere in there. Perhaps you were affronted at the idea that you might be a narcissist or a psi vamp. Perhaps the term martyr came to close to the truth for your comfort.

But none of these things were offered up to condemn or to judge. We all have our own issues to deal with. We all have our own experiences that helped to mold us into what we are. But even beyond those things, its important to understand the things that can and do surround your gifts, as much as the gifts themselves.

What turned you into an Empath? Was it abuse? Was it some kind of trauma? What turned you into a Psi Vamp? Are you that emotionally needy? Is this the way you were taught to survive? Were you so neglected that you ended up forming a narcissistic personality? What are the underlying reasons for doing what it is you do?

Think about it. Its important, for your own development.

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