Monday, June 8, 2009

You Are Not Alone

What brought you to this place,
on a lonely deserted road,
that few fear to tread upon?
What brought you to this moment,
this singular space in time,
despite the quivering of your flesh
and the quaking of your heart?
What clarity of sight
would bring you here,
braving the sorrow,
braving the isolation,
braving a shattered heart,
to a place bound within shadows,
the hidden, the unknown?
What lies within you,
to make you strong enough
to transverse all obstacles
thrown carelessly into your path,
to struggle,
to survive,
and to prevail?
What convictions do you possess,
so deep and so strong,
as to make you turn your face
away from the safety of convention,
and walk headlong into the fray,
assured that you will,
indeed, walk away whole?

Is it, perhaps,
that you have been called upon?
Is it, perhaps,
that you have been chosen?
Is it, perhaps,
that you are special?
Could it be,
that you shine so brightly,
in spite of the struggle
and because of the pain?
Could it be,
that you feel the pull of something,
calling on you to soar
in freedom's boundless grace,
despite all of the pressure
placed upon your heart?

In spite of all of this,
you still feel it, don't you?
The churning loneliness
which engulfs you whole,
leaving you isolated,
leaving you disconnected,
and your heart crying out,
in the need to connect,
not with that which can not
comprehend you,
but that which will embrace you
in your confusion,
in your completeness,
and grant you solace,
a reprieve from the darkness,
in complete understanding,
and total acceptance.

Come walk with me, my friend,
for you are no longer alone
upon your path,
and you never truly were.
Turn toward your kindred,
for there you are embraced,
and understood,
in whatever you do,
whoever you become,
no matter what.
All you have to do,
is open your heart,
and believe.

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