Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I was laying in bed one night, feigning sleep because I was restless for some reason. I was around 18 and preparing to move out of my family home and in with my long time boyfriend, so I had newspapers scattered all over the wooden floor in my room from packing boxes. Suddenly my nerves went on high alert because I heard the newspaper crackle, like someone was stepping on it. I felt chills go through me as I my nerves snapped to attention, even as I kept my eyes closed. The crackling footstep noises drew closer and closer to my bed. And then I heard my name whispered just outside of my own ear on what sounded like a heavy breath of air.

This was just one in a number of incidences that had occurred over a number of years in that house. A deeper explanation would take you through all of them, back to a time when I invited all of this into that home, without knowing how to stop it. But that's a story best left for another time.

At the time I had no idea there was a name for what I had experienced, until I discovered the Clair Abilities and heard the term Clairaudience. I offer it up to you, the reader, as a personal experience of Clairaudience, to help you understand it a little better. So lets look at what this Clair Ability is in some more depth.

Another name for Clairaudience is 'clear hearing'. It is defined as the act or the power of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality. Clairaudience can include hearing sounds such as music or ringing, as well as voices. Like clairvoyance, clairaudience can be divided into two types, objective clairaudience, which occurs in the real world so that anyone can hear it (meaning outside of ones head), and subjective clairaudience, which occurs only in one's mind. It should be noted here that it is believed that objective clairaudience, is considered a far rarer gift than subjective clairaudience.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself About Clairaudience

1. Do you experience Subjective Clairaudience?

2. Do you experience Objective Clairaudience?

3. If you experience Subjective Clairaudience does communication come through a conversation, individual words, or a mixture of both?

4. If you experience Subjective Clairaudience, how do you personally, know that what you are hearing is clairaudience and not your imagination - do you have any advice for developing mediums on how to tell the difference?

5. Has your perception of your clairaudience remained the same during your development or has it changed and if so, in what way?

6. Do you ever experience a ringing sensation, noises or pressure in your ears?

Exercises To Develop Clairaudience


Surround yourself in the light with your protective ritual. Sit comfortably in a chair with your notebook or recorder close by. Relax and just try to be in the moment. State your intention to your guide and ask that he/she communicate with you. If you don't know your guides name as him/her what they would like to be called. Don't try to "listen", but try to relax.. If you already know your guides name, start with another simple question and then relax. After a couple of minutes bring yourself back and record anything you perceived. It may be a thought that "pops" into your head, or a sound, or whisper... record everything you experienced. Continue to do this exercise until you receive your guides name, or the answer to the question you presented.

Another exercise is to surround yourself with your protective ritual as above. Again sit and relax, stating your intention to communicate with your guide. This time focus on an image in your mind, in your mind "say" what it is once, and then listen.. Ask your guide to communicate with you about the image. You could also focus on a physical object in the room where you are. Pay attention while doing your best to relax. Make notes of anything you receive.

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