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Clairvoyance (Quiz)

What is Clairvoyance? How does it work? Can it be tested? Are there ways to develop this form of intuition and/or Clair Ability which is part of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)? Lets look at all of these, shall we?

The term Clairvoyance, or clear vision, a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human sensesclairvoyant ("one who sees clearly").

Another definition says Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is the gift of second sight. Clairvoyance is a visual form of ESP (extra-sensory perception) involving perceiving or intuiting information by way of seeing auras, colors, images, or symbols via third eye sensory. Other common forms of ESP are clairaudience (inner hearing), clairsentience (feeling or sensory experience), and knowing (unwavering awareness).

Some Basic Question To Ask Yourself About Your Clairvoyance
1. Do you vividly recall dreams in the morning?
2. Do you see flashes in the corner of you eyes and when you turn to see what was there you don't see anything?
3. Do you often get the feeling of dejavu?
4. Do you see images when your eyes are closed?

Types of Clairvoyance

There are basically four types of clairvoyance:

1. Psychological Clairvoyance
2. Spatial Clairvoyance
3. Astral Clairvoyance
4. True Spiritual Clairvoyance.

Psychological Clairvoyance
This is a term which we have invented ourselves to cover a certain type of clairvoyance. Most of us are very much familiar with those curious attractions and repulsions which we often feel for many people. There are some people whom we instinctively like or dislike, and for such a feeling, very often, we are unable to provide a valid reason. This is due to the perception of psychological clairvoyance. The psychological clairvoyance may also be termed as ‘psychic counseling’.

Spatial Clairvoyance
This type is also known as clairvoyance in space and time. Psychometry is in itself clairvoyance in time, using an object as a starting point and as a point of reference. Actually, this type can also be exercised without using an object, but concentration upon it helps to keep the clairvoyant faculty working within those limits. As we say, the object can be omitted and many people can exercise this clairvoyance in time without practically having any blank idea of what they are doing. Some people even find that, although they are not aware of possessing any psychic power, yet, when they are touching old furniture or antiques, dim pictures and emotions arises in their mind and automatically they become nostalgic. This dim clairvoyant perception is far more common than is generally realized.

Astral Clairvoyance
The next type of clairvoyance we have called ‘Astral Clairvoyance.’ By this we mean the perception of apparently living beings that have no physical body. The Devas or the ’shinning ones’, the ‘Lordly Ones’ of Celtic tradition, the Spirits of the elements; all live and have their being in the ethereal and astral realms. You may see some of these entities as your clairvoyance begins to unfold, and their activities form a fascinating field of study for the clairvoyant investigator. It is in this field of clairvoyance that you need to exert great care, for you will be making contacts with living beings of many different types, and not all of them will be friendly. This great world of astral is also known as the World of Illusion.

True Spiritual Clairvoyance
We have now come to the last and final type of clairvoyance i.e. the Spiritual Clairvoyance. In the system of thought to which we give our allegiance, virtue, sanity and true spirituality lies within the purview of spiritual clairvoyance. At the end all life, all consciousness, all faculties, come from the Divine, but all work is manifest under immutable natural law.

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Ways To Develop Clairvoyance

The Rose Meditation

This meditation is often used by people who are keen to develop their powers of clairvoyance, and this may even be you. Practice this meditation at least every few days to begin with and you will notice that your clairvoyant powers become stronger each time you use it.

1. Sit comfortably and in a place where you will not be disrupted. Light a candle or some incense if you wish to inspire yourself towards spirituality. Sit with your spine upright and close your eyes.

Begin to breathe deeply through your nose and relax, relax, relax, releasing all bodily and mental tensions. Whenever you find your attention wavering, return your focus to your breath and follow each inhalation and exhalation.

2. After a few minutes of meditation and focusing on your breath you will be feeling much more relaxed and open to use your powers of clairvoyance.

Take your attention now to the area between your eyebrows, your eyebrow centre, your third-eye. This is the place where you will see flashes and images that are related to your clairvoyant perception.

With your eyes still closed, focus on the area between your eyebrows. You might even feel it become warm, or tingle, or feel as though there is a band slightly tightening around your head. These are all common signs that your clairvoyant powers are beginning to warm up.

3. Now visualise a tightly closed rosebud in this space between your eyebrows. Really focus on it and allow your mind to imagine it in magnificent detail: its colour, scent and shape.

Now see the rose slowly opening to full bloom, expanding and exposing all its beauty to you.

4. Imagine now that you are giving the rose to someone you know, a friend, colleague or family member. Do this in your mind and imagine passing the rose over to them.

As soon as you have passed it to them, what do you notice about the rose? Has its colour changed? Or has it expanded or contracted? Allow your mind to be relaxed and open and notice what happens to the rose.

5. Now imagine passing your beautiful rose to someone else you know. What do you notice happens to the rose this time?

What you see when you pass the rose across will psychically tell you something about that person. If it shrinks, perhaps that person is less giving than you or more introverted and shy, shrinking into themselves.

If the rose multiplies, that indicates that the other person is very generous in spirit and is a giving soul. If it changes colour, that reveals something to you about the nature of their personality.

Allow yourself to perceive any changes that happen to your rose as you pass it across to the other person.

6. When you have finished passing the rose around and paying attention to the ways in which it changes when it is exchanged, take your attention back to your breath. After a minute refocusing on your breath, slowly begin to move and wake up your body and open your eyes. You have now completed your rose meditation.

How to Predict Your Day Ahead Using Clairvoyance

Use this meditation every day for a month and watch your clairvoyant abilities explode! You will soon be amazing yourself on a regular basis.

This technique is incredibly powerful to reveal forces, energies and happenings which will occur to you and others during the day ahead. Needless to say, this is a meditation only suitable to practice in the morning!

To begin, repeat steps 1-2 as above to make yourself comfortable, relaxed and prepared to use your clairvoyant powers to predict the day ahead.

Step 3. Take your attention next to your third eye, the area between your eyebrows. Focus at this point for 30 seconds, keeping your attention on this area of your body.

4. When you feel totally relaxed and ready to continue, mentally ask to be shown pictures which show you what will happen in your life today.

As soon as you have asked, pay attention to the very first impressions and images you receive in your mind's eye. Your natural powers of clairvoyance will show you snapshots of what will happen during the day ahead. Your ability to perceive these snapshots will greatly improve with consistent practice.

Trust the very first pictures you receive. Clairvoyant images often last only a second and then vanish. You might be shown a picture of someone being generous to you today and then it's gone as quickly as it appeared. Or perhaps you will see a large pile of papers stacked up in front of you, indicating that you will have a very busy day ahead.

Simply ask the question and then take the first responses you get. Using your intuitive clairvoyant powers requires nothing more of you than this.

5. When you have seen a few snapshots and have a sense of what your day will be like, return your attention to your breath. Gently bring some physical movement back into your body and gradually open your eyes. Your prediction meditation for your day ahead is now complete.

Repeat this meditation daily and watch your accuracy skyrocket from week to week. Over a short while your intuitive senses will become so heightened that you will pick up on the moods and behavior of the people around you. This is quite normal as your natural sensitivity becomes more finely tuned.

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