Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Empathic Ethics Part 2

Lets talk about Ethics. In the first part of these discussions we discussed some of the responsibilities of the the Empath when working with other people. But there is more to it than what has been written in the first part of this discussion: Empath Ethics Part 1

1. Confidentiality is of utmost importance. What the Empath needs to remember and is of the utmost importance, is that the person they are working with is not a toy and the situation is not a game. You literally hold the life of someone else in the palm of your hand.

2. Humility is key as well. Its not about you and what you can do, its about the other person and their problems.

3. Your behaviors, words, actions, or lack of actions directly affect the outcome of the person's emotional state and situation. So again we come back to the fact that Empathic Counseling, while it might not be professional, is also not a game.

4. They are real people, who feel emotions, hurt from issues and problems, and seek you out as their counselor, of sorts, and guide. If you take this lightly, then perhaps you should not be working in this kind of area. Because if you see it as a game, or them as nothing more than some bunch of typed words (when its done online), then you are doing nothing more than making sport of them, as living breathing human beings, and their real life issues, problems, and pains. And that is cruel.

5. And when two Empaths consult one another, about an issue being worked on with a real person's issues, that should also be held in confidence. Otherwise it again becomes a game of gossip and hurt feelings and explanations, where there should be no need for them.

6. This is about basic respect and trust for and towards yourself and others. Think about it.

7. Personal judgments and prejudices should be reserved to your own mind and not not shared when working with others. People do not need your judgments, biases, prejudices, and attitudes when they are sharing their painful situations with you.

8. Nor should they be shared with others later, because this is again tantamount to gossiping about a session with someone.

9. These things are not, for us as Empathic Counselors, about legalities. It is about morality, plain and simple.

If your serious about being an Empath and/or an Empathic Counselor, these things are not just important, they are necessary in order to save embarrassment to the client and the Empaths involved. So think before you gossip or you speak out of turn about something another person has said to you. How would you feel if it were done to you?

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