Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ways To Improve The Empathic Brain ~ Brain Teasers, Riddles, & Games

Alot of the time, Empaths are feelers and sensors alone, which is the beginning phase of being an Empath where it is so overwhelming they want to run and hide. They have a hard time connecting this to their cognitive mind,where real control of their gifts can be achieved, or they do it at such an instinctive or subconscious level that they have no base for working with it consciously. So to help bring that into the forefront I suggest trying sites like these to help improve memory and general brain function. Things like metaphors,optical illusions, and brain teasers help a person to shift their perspective to think outside of their safe box, which can be applied to Empaths to help them see from the other person's perspective more readily.

Conscious knowing and understanding means that a person is able to optimize the ability to work with their abilities, access them at different levels as the need calls for it, and hold on to who they are as they work with others, so that drowning feeling ceases.

You may be asking yourself, whats the point? But the answer is written above. They are all interconnected, just as your heart and brain are. When one is working at a higher rate than the other or they are not aligned, it can leave one feeling like they are drowning, depressed, and so on. So its worth the time to try these. You don't have to be good at them. That comes with time and practice. Just be patient and don't assume everything rides on one test, one quiz, one question or one game. They are there simply to help you learn and nothing more.

So try the games and check out the websites for more. They are all well worth the time. ^_^

Brain Games


Sharp Brains - Brain Teasers
Memory-Improvement-Tips.com (Brain Games Training)
Games For The Brain
Brain Games By Lumosity
PedagoNet - Problem Solving
Bill's Games: Brain Teasers
Syvum: Brain Teasers & Math Puzzles

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