Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Life Lived In A Personal Hell

**Before I begin this discussion, let me just say this is not a religious discourse in any way, shape, or form. What is offered below does not advocate one particular path over another, because in the writer's view point there are many paths, none being more or less wrong or right than any other.**

We've all heard about hell in some shape or form, right? I mean how could you not, despite whatever country and/or religion you come from. Its there in some variation or another.

But when you look beyond the visual perceptions religions have cast upon Hell, what is it really? Where does it exist? And can it exist here on Earth?

Now again, you might be thinking this is a religious discussion, but its not. I'm simply using Hell as a metaphor for suffering. And every human being, despite upbringing, social status, religion, and what not, has suffered and most can understand the concept of human suffering. So please, bear with me here.

There is a saying, when one is bemoaning their fate, that says 'My life has turned into my own personal Hell!'

So through a religious context, from four different belief systems, I'm going to offer you some basic ways to help pull yourself out of that 'personal hell'.

The Christian Perspective

The Buddhist Perspective

The Wiccan Perspective

The Native American Perspective

What you may not note is that there are similarities in each of these different perspectives. And these similarities, despite religion, are extremely positive in nature. They have the potential to change lives, if one truly understands their meaning.

The biggest message, which seems all encompassing, is do no harm. Don't hurt others by lying, stealing, hurting, or practicing untoward sexual acts with them. And in the reverse, do not hurt yourself by doing these things to others, because what effects them, will effect you. Its all about respect toward others, as well as, toward yourself.

Your thoughts, choices, and actions bring about the life you lead. This can cause one to live in a perpetual hell on Earth, where slowly one loses hope and falls into desolation and depression. Or it can cause one to find a sound balance within their lives, where they are capable of moving forward with their lives, despite the setbacks which befall them.

Its all based on your perspective of yourself, the world around you, and the people you interact with. Religions, despite which one you choose, offer you basic guidelines for a better life. But you have to be the one to take the first step in changing your own perspective.

And in the end, its not necessarily about religion. Its about you and finding what works for you. What I want for you, beyond the religious beliefs you hold (which are fine, whatever they may be) is to find a path that works for you. Start simple. Look for simple truths that have meaning to you. I know its hard to incorporate into your world, but it can be done with time, patience, and vigilance. And most importantly, has as much faith in yourself, as you do your God (which ever you choose), because you are worth having faith in and believing in. But this does not say, put yourself on the level of your deity, simply work toward whatever it is you find meaning in. Make it your own.

So think about it, study it, and discover how a few simple ideas can literally change your perspective and your life. Or don't, because like always, it's ultimately up to you and the ball is in your court.

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