Monday, October 12, 2009

The Clouds

A pair of siblings, brother and sister, where laying in the grass one hot summer day. They were looking at the clouds to see what things popped out at them, when suddenly the girl turned to the boy and asked, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'

The boy appeared to give the question serious thought before he said, 'I dunno. I wanted to be a superhero. But I don't wanna wear tights while rushing around to save people and stuff.'

The girl giggled as she sat up to look at him. 'What's wrong with tights? Mom makes me wear them when I wear a dress.'

The boy scrunched up his face, pretending to be disgusted, and said, 'That's so girly. Blech!! Anyway, I gave up on that dream because when I searched on the internet, the only superheroes I could find were cartoons.'

Their mother, who was hanging laundry on the cloths line a little bit away from them, came over and plopped down in the grass next to them. She smiled at her son. 'You know you don't have to wear tights to be a hero. You also don't have to have superpowers or magic, to be a hero in someone else's eyes.'

The boy sat up and looked at her, confused, 'Then what's the point, Momma? That sounds boring.'

The mother smiled gently at the child. 'The point isn't what you wear, what your name is, or what powers you have. It's about putting yourself out there in order to help people. Those kind of heroes come in every shape and form. And they are just as special, in every way, as the superhero cartoons you love.'

The boy laid back down and looked up into the sky. And the images that stood out to him in the clouds, were different than before. Where once there was a superhero flying across the sky, there was only him reflected back and all of the endless possibilities that existed for his future.

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