Sunday, October 18, 2009

Empath/Empathy Links

These are some links to information on Empathy. They are interesting, for getting a feel of empathy and Empaths. ^_^ I hope all of these links help you in one way or another. ^_^

Empath/Empathy Links:

Elise Lebeau's Empath Resources & Empath Survival Guide

The Empath Community ~ an online community for Empaths which features, forums, blogs, and live chat, created by Elise Lebeau

Rose Rosetree's Webpage
Online Partial Of Rose Rosetree's Book Empowered By Empathy

Jad Alexander's Series Of Online Empath Books/Ecources: The Book Of Storms

A Body Of Knowledge For Empaths

How To Handle Being An Empath

The Highly Sensitive Person

Well Being

About Empaths & Empathy

The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide

Empathic Experiences

The Joys & Pitfalls Of Being An Empath

An Introduction To Empathy

Levels Of Empathy: Different Types of Empaths

Grounding & Anchoring

Moon Phases & Cutting The Ties That Bind

Grounding & Protecting

The Empath Guide

How To Be A Healthy Empath

Empathy Lessons: The Empath Blog @

Coping With Sensitivity & Empathic Gifts

A Video Explanation: Being An Empath

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