Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can You Find An Empath In A Crowd?

Let me ask you a question. Do you think you could pick an Empath out of a group, or even someone who was just empathetic/empathic toward others? Let's see.

A Father And His Child

A Buddhist Monk

A Superhero

A Stockbroker

A Politician

A Mother With Child

A Firefighter

A Lawyer

A Therapist With Patient

The Obvious Answers

The choices should seem obvious based on their titles and their jobs, right? A firefighter risks his life for others. Mothers and fathers are caretakers. Monks are supposed to walk with compassion in their hearts. And therapists are supposed to show empathy and understanding to their patients. And superheros are the ideal of altruism, saving people from danger without the need for reward.

While lawyers are often times seen as money hungry and aggressive. Stockbrokers are seen as money and power hungry people. And politicians are seen, often times, as people who do not keep their promises and who are in league with big business over the little man.

Does that about sum up your own assessment of these character images?

The Less Obvious Answers

The truth, though, is much less obvious. Everyone has the capacity to be empathetic/empathic toward others, despite their title or their job, which includes the title of Empath. And there are good and bad, within each category. Not all mothers and fathers are ideal parents. Not all lawyers are how they tend to be perceived. And not all politicians care more for big business than for the little man.

The point is perception. Even the pictures chosen where specifically chosen to make you think very particular things about each category. A mother loving her child is an act of empathy. While a stockbroker on the phone with money in his hands makes you think he is more inclined to want money and power than to help people.

So before you look into a crowd to find an Empath, think about looking into a crowd to find those who are empathic/empathetic. And look deeper than the surface to find your answers. Because people are multifaceted beings, which means they are more than their titles and positions. They are human beings, all, who deserve a fair assessment, not based on the surface alone.

And on that note, what do you imagine people see in you, when all they see is the surface? Think about it.

So, like finding Waldo in a crowd.....

Can you find the Empath in a crowd?

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