Monday, October 19, 2009

What We Do Matters

This blog is going to be a little bit different, because I got a reminder today of something very important.

Alot of times, in the jagged worlds of those who doubt themselves, people assume they don't matter. They end up believing their words and their deeds have no effect on others. And for this reason, they feel like they are invisible.

On the other hand, there are some who help who also feel invisible, because their words and deeds go seemingly unnoticed by the larger population. And it can leave them questioning themselves, saying things like "What's the point if no one is paying attention?" or "What's the point in trying when no one else cares?"

The point isn't which category you fall under, but that we all come to the same crossroads sometime in our lives to question our motivations, words, and actions. And we all ask the same questions, despite where we stand in life. "Do I matter?" "Can I really contribute something worth while to this world?" "Will anyone see and validate what I've done and who I am?"

The secret is that there is already someone there watching and validating you. And that person is you, if you let yourself. For you see, it is a wonderful thing to be validated by others, but it is even more amazing to be validated by yourself. Because that eliminates the often cumbersome doubt which tends to surround and suffocate the heart, even when there is no one else around you who will validate you.

So when you ask yourself the question "Do I matter?" or any of the other questions, answer the question, as well. Answer it with a resounding yes.

I know that doubt first hand. It used to make me wonder what was the point in getting out of bed in the morning, much less doing anything. It used to make me ashamed of the flaws I saw within myself, because I believed everyone else would be as critical of me as I was. And it used to make me feel so guilty for achieving something beneficial and good, that I would inadvertently end up sabotaging my own success over and over again.

What we do, what we say, and how we behave impact all of those around us from family to strangers, because we carry it with us where ever we go. When I felt like a gigantic void, who didn't matter, I attracted people to me who treated me that way, further validating that feeling within me. Now I still attract those kinds of people to me, along with a plethora of other kinds of people, but they can't tear down what they had no hand in building in the first place. Who I am and what I know about me isn't based on the good or bad opinions and emotions of others. It exists outside of that place, and those voices will either compliment the view I have of myself or not, but either way I will not doubt, because I can not control the way they see me.

It is important to recognize how meaningful validating self is, in order to realize that what we do, what we say, and how we behave DO matter. And just how much even the smallest gesture of kindness can have on the world around you and the people within it.

So think about it. ^_^

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  1. This inspires me to bravely do what it feels inside.thanks for the article