Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Look At Optical Illusions

For Empaths it is important to be able to shift perspectives in order to understand another person's point of view ~ where they are coming from when they are talking about their issues. This is a visual way to train your mind to shift when you are using empathic listening to help heal other people. So give it a look and practice. ^_^

What direction do you see the lines going in?

How many legs does this elephant have?

Does this circle look as though it is moving? Which direction is it going in?

Hands or a face?

Birds or a Native American Man?

Tree or lion?

A face or a woman standing by a tree?

Can you see the proportional differences in this optical illusion?

Hands drawing hands. Interesting.

How many wolves can you find?

Old married couple or men playing guitar with a woman within a window?

What do you see in this picture?

Fish on a plate or woman winking?

Cliff or Horse?

Can you see the face within this picture?

Skeleton or some thing else?

In both black and white, upside down and right side up, you will find utensils within this image.

The impossible maze.

An elderly man or an amorous couple?

Women or a face?

How many panda bears can you spot?

Mona Lisa or someting more?

Water or white robed men?

How many horses can you find?

Perspective....always interesting.

A hand or a lion?

Faces or a vase?

Devil or some thing else?

Skull or something else?

Elderly man or a couple on the road side?

How many faces can you find? *hint: there are 13*

A face shot of don quihote or something else?

St. George or something else?

A face or a word?

Clouds or something more?

Deity or something else?

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