Monday, November 2, 2009

A Matter of Faith

As a newborn child enters his mother's arms for the first time there is a bonding and the word faith starts to form. There is a faith that the child has in his mother from that day forward she will take care of him and do her very best to make his life the best it can be. As the child grows he practices faith almost daily in his life and most likely doesn't even know the meaning of the word. He goes through life just knowing that she will provide all he needs to the best of her ability.

Faith by one definition is allegiance to duty or a person also known as loyalty; a fidelity to one's promises and a sincerity of intentions.

When we go to school we learn yet another form of faith that the teachers will instill in us the knowledge they have learned through their many years of education. We trust that they are teaching us the truth in history, the real history, which was originally written not some obtuse re-written truth. They teach us how to use mathematics by teaching us to use faith in the system of a proven science.

All through these years our parents are showing their faith in us. The allow us to go on dates while we take the many lessons they have taught us out into the world. They teach us right from wrong and have faith in us that we will show that we learned our lessons well. Going off to college to live on our own is yet another form of faith, this faith is that you are now on your own and you can go out into the world and live as a productive individual. You do your laundry, your homework, make the grades and get up in the morning and go to class.

Still all the while we live by faith in one form or another. We have faith in our friends and yes that all important first love. We have faith that they are by definition faithful and loyal to us and only us.

Another definition of faith is belief and trust in and loyalty to God. We learn this faith through our parents or peers early on. Often shown by belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion and a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Thereby once again using what faith is. Faith is believing in something you don't have to see to know its there.
The thing that is most important about faith is that so many have no idea the number of people that have put their faith in them.
  • Mothers and fathers for their children. When it goes wrong a child can be harmed for long periods of time and perhaps a lifetime.
  • Organized religion (particularly in a human being such as a pastor) can go a long way to help garner faith in the human race and the faith in God. But a pastor is but a mere human and will often let down those whose faith he once helped build.
  • The faith we literally place in the human race to simply be a honest, loyal and caring society. This one often gets me the most for what have we that is more important in this world than to be caring and compassionate people.

We must realize that once a faith has been given that we must think long and hard before betraying the faith one has placed in us. Faith is ultimately something that is given freely and unlike respect... it isn't earned. It is something that is not based on seeing or touching, it is in essence a matter of faith.

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