Sunday, November 22, 2009

Message In A Bottle (Blog)

There are often times in our lives where we feel stifled, stagnant, empty and alone on a large chunk of rock floating endlessly though space. And there are many roads to wellness with well meaning people willing to offer you hints and guidelines to a 'better you'.

And believe it or not, many of them, like religions (most of them anyway), carry valid and worthwhile messages of hope, understanding, love, compassion, and empathy which leave the reader feeling just a little bit less alone in the great expanse we call life.

The point isn't to get stuck in one particular place for to long. Its not about clinging to a particular belief set (even though this is also your choice) or ideal. Its about finding what works best or you.

Whether this is a religion, a self help method, therapy, social interaction, or just finding someone special in your life(romantic or otherwise), its about the fact that you search out these things and make them your own. Because the journey you walk is no one else's but your own. And they can not walk your path for you. It lays in your hands now. Who you are and what you choose to be, and how you choose to help yourself (or if you choose to help yourself at all) lays in no other hands but your own.

There will be others who promise you easy answers. They might even tell you they have the definitive way to help heal you, find salvation, or simply peace of mind and body. But those are merely distractions which draw you away from the fact that you are the one who makes the choice about what works best for you.

There will also be those who offer you support so that you can find the strength within yourself to take the first steps into your own wellness. This is because they respect the thing called 'free will' which says that it has always and ever been in your hands, above any one else, to choose and set a path for yourself.

No one is promising an easy cure-all here on this site that is quick and painless. Each blog contains a hint of truth within it to help you embark of your own journey of self discovery. And it most certainly won't be overnight, because the road to wellness is a life long journey that one embarks on because they have questions they wish for answers to. But with patience, instead of the seeking of immediate pleasures or the instant gratification of a sense of 'wellness', one can learn and grow as both individual human beings and also as a whole international community.

So think about your path instead of listening to the words of others. Think about it and you will truly begin to understand what I mean in writing this. And never stop searching and questioning the things you encounter, because this is how we grow as individuals.


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