Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Conveyor Belt

All of life... we are simply standing by a conveyor belt. The belt is infinite in both directions, and you are standing right in the middle. Items will pass you by; they just keep coming along the conveyor belt. And you can pick one up, and stare at it... examine it... flip it over and try to understand what it does. And when you are finished with it, all you have to do is place it back on the conveyor belt and let it go where ever it is destined for. Your actions will not affect any schedules, and no item is off-limits.

However, you can do whatever you like in this room. You can take every item off the conveyor belt, and keep them all for yourself. You can stuff every item in your pockets, throw them all over the room, or make a little pile behind you. That is your choice. However, these items have weight. They will weigh you down.

You can also try and stop the items from going past you. You can make a wall with your arms, or throw yourself over the conveyor belt. But that will do you no good; the items keep coming. They will simply pile up behind you, and even overflow and fall all over the ground. There is no way to stop the conveyor belt. Trying to choose which items you want to pass you is a waste of energy. The items are not harming you. It is the act of trying to judge which items are okay to pass you that is causing the harm.

See... the easiest thing to do is simply let the items pass you by. If there is one you do not like, or don't particularly care for, don't pick it up. It is your choice. If one catches your eye, or interests you, you can take it and study it for as long as you like. There is no time in this place.

Now... All those items in question? They are emotions. As an empath, we are bombarded by the emotions of others. Trying to block and shield them to protect ourselves is the wrong approach. If they are not your emotions, then they are not caused by anything in your life, meaning they will leave. You can pick them up, study them, and hang onto them. But if you keep them, they will only weigh you down. Trying to block them will cause them to pile up and overflow.

The best thing to do is let them pass.

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