Friday, December 18, 2009


Have you ever heard of a fractal? Perhaps you've seen this image before:

A fractal is an infinite self-replicating pattern. If you take a line, and draw a shape such as a triangle into the line using the line, and then continue to draw triangles into each available edge, you have a fractal.

They are quite amazing patterns. They are beautiful patterns which can be created mathematically, and as such have been used in everything from the study of the coding of DNA to movies.

However, one of the most amazing facts about fractals is that it is seen in nature. Nature loves fractals.

But by far, one of the most interesting things about fractals is that if you zoom into a fractal, you get the same image. Since it is a self-replicating pattern, no matter how close you get to it, or how far away you look at it, it is the same image.

A Fractal on

Now, we know fractals exist in nature. And we know fractals are identical no matter how far or close you get. So this gives rise to the question: how much of life is a fractal?

How many deeper layers are there?

For example, statistically speaking, words make up close to 7% of a conversation. So that means that 93% of a conversation is nonverbal. Body language, vocal patterns, microexpressions, etc.

The entire conversation itself is a fractal. Just as you can't see every edge of a fractal, there are deeper levels to explore. The audible portion of a conversation holds a meaning via the words used. If you go deeper, exploring the conversational fractal, you'll find that the vocal patterns have meanings, as do the pauses between words, the emphasis on words, the words that are not emphasized, the way the voice is strained or relaxed, I could go on and on. And even those separate parts can be analyzed, finding deeper fractals behind those.

There is an infinite complex of layered meanings behind everything.

But... the reverse is also true as well.

If you zoom out of a fractal, it looks identical. We all operate on one level. The thing most don't realise, is that the entire complex of information that is beneath everything is also above everything. Above the level we observe, the fractal continues.

And every level and every part is identical. While they may hold different specific meanings, in that the fractal's coordinates are different, they look identical.

All you have to do is shift your perspective.

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