Friday, December 25, 2009

Slip and Fall

This world we live in, the world we all inhabit, is colored by our perceptions. All that we feel, all that we see, smell, touch and hear is simply electrical signals sent to our brain by elaborate machines designed to change shape when temperature fluctuates, when molecules fit into certain receptors, and when electromagnetic radiation energizes chemicals. Our brains have to construct a three dimensional reality from these signals.

Our brains are designed to keep us alive. Those that succeed at passing on their genetic material are the ones that succeed at the game of life. That is natural selection. It cares nothing for emotion, or any concepts of morality. Natural selection is out to test you, to mess with you, and to kill you. If you survive nature, you win. If you survive long enough to pass on your genetic material, you win at the game of life. That is biology. That is nature. That is the way of our world.

That is a very scary concept. The idea that all you are is a carrier for DNA. Just a vessel. A temporary container. That once you pass it on, nature will throw you away like a used tissue. You fight for survival, and beat nature in the face, find a mate, and produce a child. Then you're done. That is a tremendously scary thought. It's so scary, that we reject it. We convince ourselves that there is more to this existance than that. There has to be. That thought is scary becuase it devalues you. To think that all you exist for is DNA. It demolishes the image you have of yourself. You see yourself as this big buisness man, or a powerful doctor. And then when you think that nature sees you as a pile of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen designed to pass on DNA, and then throw you away, it removes that powerful status you assigned yourself.

But as a human being, you still think there is more to life. There has to be. All of life, all the experiences, for nothing?

We all color our life through perspectives. Some actually live with that idea, that life means nothing. That we are just piles of squishy DNA. And some live for a higher purpose, for themselves, or for a god of their choosing.

But no matter what we choose, there is a human tendancy to stick to it. When we find a perspective, we stick with it. It comes back to life being scary. It's like rock climbing. When you climb a mountain, there is a tendancy to stick to the hold you have found. When you find a good position, a good hold, you tend to stick to it for fear that you won't find another hold, and you'll slip and fall. But there is a secret to life.

You need to slip and fall.

When you walk through life with a perspective stuck to you, it limits your view. You get tunnel vision. When all you see in life is god, or sales, or sickness, it constricts your life. It's like a horse with blinders on. The horse cannot see anything exept what is in front of it. But slipping and falling, is like taking the blinders off. When you slip and fall, you loose everything.

But the best thing about loosing everything, is that you have everything to gain. It's like a person who has hit a brick wall on their path, and they're too close-minded to step back and notice another path around.

Slipping off the hold you have glued yourself too is a life-changing experience. Those who experience it are lucky, and those who do not are also lucky. It is painful; it is hard. I never said you don't hit the ground when you slip and fall.

But once you shed yourself of the blinders you put on, once you look around and notice that there are more perspectives to view the world through, you go from five senses, to infinite senses. You can look at a court case like a laywer, like a judge, like a jurer, like a prosecutor, a defendant, a witness, a stenographer, even if you're at home watching it on TV. You can see through anyone's eyes.

If you are approched by a junkie,you stop seeing a blasphemous hethen, you stop seeing a satanist, you stop feeling pity, you stop - Scratch that. You see all of those things. You see him as a hethen, a satanist; you feel pity and sympathy. But most of all, you can see through his eyes. You see the pain he feels, and you know how that pain feels. When you slip and fall, you can see through his eyes.

You can have empathy for him.

Slipping and falling is empathy.

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