Friday, December 25, 2009


Suits... Faces... Masks...

No matter what you call them, there are many different sides of you. There is the you at work, the you at church, the you in public, and the you at home. There is the you that spends time with friends, the you that plays with your children, the you that your significant other sees, and the you that exists when you are alone.

These are all different parts of you, and they are all you.

Many people devalue the true person that exists, so they create a new person to hide it. They fear that people will not approve of who they are, so they create an image to fit the other person's view.

And this continues. A person will meet new people, create a new person, and devalue who they really are. And as this continues, the approval of the new people seems to confirm the lesser value of the true person inside.

That small person inside begins to take a very different appearance. It begins to look more like a monster than a person, and starts to create fear. It's value is so low, that you fear even looking at it will make people hate you.

Many people are stuck in this cycle. The fear they feel from the person inside just keeps them away from it. For most people, they can't escape this cycle on their own. It takes a large jolt to shake them out of it. But once they have been shaken from this cycle, they will realise that the person inside is not to be feared, but accepted.

And the cycle they have been repeating will be used again. The process itself is not wrong. It was simply used in the wrong way, and for the wrong person. The process is simply a tool, and for a long time, the tool was used for other people. But that same tool, the same process of creating other personas, can be used for yourself. You just don't create someone to fit someone else's view, you create someone to fit neccessity. An actor does not create a character to appease the audience, he creates a character to fit the script.

And we are all actors, simply playing our parts. Because like William Shakespeare said, all the world is a stage.

And all the characters, all the faces, all the suits, all the sides, all the personas, and all the facades are all simply puzzle peices, which together, make you.

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