Monday, January 11, 2010

Karma and Choices

"Choose carefully, because the choices you make, make you."

This is quite the interesting quote, one that I haven't really thought much of. Until now, that is.

This also raises the idea of karma. To put it simply, karma is "what goes around, comes around". That is accurate, but also very limited. Karma is so much more than that.

Imagine your life as a pool of water. Every time you make a choice, you drop a stone in that pool, in the very center. Those ripples that form expand and extend to all corners of the pond, and never loose energy. And now, think of all the choices you make on a day-to-day basis. You choose your meal, you choose your words, and you even choose when to breathe.

Karma, to put it simply, is the ripples that form in your pond. Each choice you make expands and extends to all reaches of the world, changing and shaping your life.

If you think of a spider, the web they spin comes to mind. We do not consider the web itself to be a part of the spider, simply because it does not have blood pumping through it, or because we can destroy it with no harm to the spider. But, there are many creatures that are in a sense, dynamic. For example, some lizards have removable tails that act as a last defense mechanism if they were to get caught. We consider this tail to be a part of the lizard, but at the same time, it can be removed with no harm to the lizard. The spider's web is much like the tail of the lizard, a living part, that can be left or destroyed with no damage to the creature itself. However, there is one key distinction: the spider chooses to create the web, while the lizard does not.

A spider's web acts as many things to the spider, a home, a food source, etc. But mainly, the web is a part of the spider, or rather, they are just one big creature. We are much like the spider; we spin the web in which we live and work. However, our life is also the pool, that we drop stones into and create ripples.

Whenever we make a choice, we are weaving a part of our web, and dropping stones into our pond. The ripples expand and bounce all over our pond, weaving and shaping our web.

Karma is not some force that redirects action and energy back at you.

Karma is the process of weaving and dropping stones into your life.

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