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The Communication Empath (Quiz)

What is a Communication Empath? What possible value could there possibly be in being this particular type of Empath? Let's take a look, shall we?

The Communication Empath

The Communication Empath is someone who is an Empath, possibly hypersensitive, and who utilizes things like Empathic Communication, linguistics, verbal communication, Nonviolent Communication, and Empathic Listening.

In the Empath Quiz What Empathic Type Are You? there is one result in particular that is little understood. It is that of the Communication Empath. Here is how it is described:
As a Communication Empath, you possess the ability to feel emotions from fictional characters in books, games, movies/TV and from works of art.
Now, lets examine this a little bit more in detail, before we continue on our discussion with Empathic Communication. So please bear with me here, because this will all make alot more sense as we go along.

Now if a Communication Empath is one who possesses the ability to feel the emotions from fictional characters in books, games, movies, television and works of art, what we end up saying is that they are highly sensitive to all forms of visual and written communication.

So, imagine this ability being translated into interpersonal interaction with other people. It is an ability based in speaking ~ which means in empathic listening, linguistics, and verbal and empathic communication.

Feeling the emotions of things that are written, even about a fictional character, or feeling the emotions of things that are visual in nature like a piece of art, easily translate into real world interaction with other people. So lets take a look at some visual and written examples, so that we might make this idea a little bit more apparent.

Here is a poem meant to evoke emotion from you. It forces you to empathize with the person in the story, even though it is completely fictional in nature.

By The Window, She Waits

She would sit by the window draped
within a perpetually parked wheelchair.
The gloomy room surrounding her
was somber, drab, and gray,
leaving those visitors who would enter in a
dark, melancholy, and almost funereal state.
But even as family and friends trickled in,
forced to transverse the
vacuous and oppressive lackluster room,
in order to visit, upon occasion,
her in her dingy little hovel,
she does not see them,
for she is not cognizant of them,
for her listless eyes are vacant,
and her pallid complected face expressionless.
So even as gentle hands touch hers
in a sweet tentative gesture of love,
her face remains stoic, blank and indifferent,
for she is uncomprehending within
the hollow barren oblivion of her mind,
devoid of emotions, memories, and feelings
of love, passion, remembrance, and friendship.
So there she sits starring blankly out
into the cloudy overcast ocean of sky
as rain trickles streams of water
down the panes of glass,
as though heaven weeps the tears
she can no longer shed,
and the stagnant room around her
slowly becomes her
sepulcher of solemn desolation,

Until the day, when the beeping stops,
and the drum of the heart beats no more,
and she rises upon infinite wings eternal,
to be carried to a place where
music sounds and love flows forth
and the heavens open up to rejoice the coming,
of a reborn spirit of angelic beauty,
newly made whole,
laying cradled in the resplendence
of the gentle loving arms
of a Goddess Mother, beyond compare.

And here is an painting which is meant to evoke another emotion from you. See if you can readily see and feel the emotion it portrays.

Now, after looking at these things, the poem and the painting, what emotions did you feel within yourself? Believe it or not, this is Empathy being conveyed to you through writing and through visual arts, because it evokes emotions within you that you are sharing not only with the person in the poem or painting (who is fictional), but with the author/artist as well.

Did it leave you full of sadness and melancholy? Did you come away from it with a sense of hopelessness, desolation, and depression, which was obviously not your own? Could you relate to it from your own past experiences, and yet know it belonged to someone else, fictional or otherwise?

Again, this is Empathy at work. And this, quite literally, is what one does when one empathizes with another person's emotions, problems, pain, joy, suffering, and so on. Empathy does not necessarily have to be as direct as sharing the emotions of another person. It's uses can be expanded in all kinds of directions, even to things you wouldn't even imagine it could be used for.

So there is innate value in being called a Communication Empath, because one is easily able to feel empathy from the written word, particularly when one is speaking and interacting with others online and the only means by which they have to communicate is with words. Descriptions of situations, from other people, are easily visualized and internalized, so that one can compare and contrast it with one's own personal experiences. And there is a great ease in the ability to share emotions with the other people, even though there is no verbal (spoken) communication involved.

So now I will leave you with another poem to contemplate and feel.

Promise Me The Wind

Do not promise me the wind,
unless you can capture the gossamer breeze
as it flows through your hands.
Do not promise me the moon,
unless you can snatch it from its divine cradle
and offer it up upon a silver platter
drenched in moonbeams..
Do not promise me heaven,
unless you can stand upon the mount of Olympus,
as king of heaven's sublime domain.
Do not promise me tomorrow,
for tomorrow may never come.
Promise me not the world,
promise me not today.
Only....give your solemn vow
and promise me....the moment of now.
For one moment, an eternity,
is gift enough for me,
to know that your heart beats
in unison with mine.
Promise me one moment in time,
where you are mine, and no other,
living but a heartbeat for me alone,
breathing in the sultry evening air for me alone,
and seeing only me,
between the space of a second.
Promise me, my love,
and that will be enough.
For in the space of a single moment,
I will know the wind's gentle caress,
glory in the soft glow of moonbeams,
and stand upon the zenith of Heaven,
by your side.
And none of those shall compare
to a momentary truth found next to you.

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