Monday, February 15, 2010

The Infinite Web~ A Metaphor For Life

Imagine life something like this...

Or like this...

In the first image, it looks like a web of chaos which goes in every direction, without end...even beyond the borders of the image itself. In the second one, it looks layered, spiral, and unending, as well.

Each one is a work of art, despite the appearance of chaos in the first one. Each one is beautiful in its own right. But lets look deeper into this web to truly understand the meaning of it.

In the first web, it looks as if there is no order to it, simply random chaos. But think about it in a different light, which is perfect imperfection. What this means is that even in its seemingly random chaos, it is perfect in its imperfections.

All things are connected with one another, directly or indirectly. All things are woven together in some way shape or form, even if you can't immediately see it. This encompasses the people we meet in life, our experiences, our emotions, and our total interaction with the outside world. We are connected to it all, directly or indirectly.

Now we come to the second image, which appears a bit less chaotic, multilayered and spirals in upon itself to a central point. Imagine the central point is you. And everything that spirals out of this web is your life, and the world around it interconnects upon many layers to you individually. It is your connection to all things, basically.

You may not be able to see all the connections or imagine how deeply interwoven you are with the world around you, but that's alright. This is because the depths of that interconnection are truly infinite, and beyond the general scope of human imagining. And it does not mean you do not perceive it at some level.

Have you ever had a moment, where you stop and are shockingly overwhelmed with this sudden feeling of connection to everything around you? It lasts for only a moment, but that one moment is enough to bring you quite literally to your knees. It is breathtaking and might even move you to tears, with no concrete reason for it. And then, in the space of a heartbeat, it is gone and you are left feeling bereft with no real understanding of why. But you feel.....lonely.

Much like the idea of the Infinite Web is that of the Fractal. Within it is the idea that that our connection to all things is infinite, and that no matter how deep we go, there is always deeper depths which we have yet to uncover.

Most of the time, this concept is hard to even perceive, though it is not impossible by any means. And when it is perceived, it is a momentary flash that is just at the periphery of our mind's eye.

The fractal is like one gigantic puzzle, where in everything has a place on different planes....emotions, people, animals, plants, the earth itself, and so on.

Everything has a place, which is equal to all other things. It's what makes the totality of the puzzle so beautiful and so unique, because each piece plays a equally important role, no matter how small, mundane, or insignificant it might seem on the surface.

So think about it....

Try to imagine it...

Even if it seems like it is beyond the scope of your imagination....even if you can't perceive its complete totality. Because you exist within it. And your own innate value exists within it to, simply for existing...not for what you achieve or don't achieve in this world.

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