Friday, March 5, 2010

Poetry For The Heart

Sometimes, I offer poetry as a means of sharing, understanding, and even teaching at times. So I offer you these three poems. ^_^

The Crossroads of Infinite Emotions

My path has never lead me
down the road of endless summer's pleasure
and neither has my path unfolded
to the cries of joyful elation resounding.
Instead my path has flowed with the tide,
crashing waves of vibrant color upon the sandy dunes,
and ebbing back into its fathomless ocean home
to sleep in gentle repose.
And I walk upon the rocky soil with
cuts upon my red stained and calloused feet.
I walk in hunger, but not for food,
and dream of quenching my constant thirst.
I tread in silence with exhaustion
laid bare upon my burdened soul.
But still I climb the jagged cliffs
to reach the mountain snow,
whose purity is the blessing of endurance
and the promise of tomorrow's growth.
My path is unsure but definitive yet,
for adversity's trials,
from which I come and
where my journey leads,
will guide me home to my eternal peace.

My path has never lead me
down the road of endless sorrow,
without sanctuary and reprieve
in order that I might bath
in the depths of my own salty tears
to wash away the dirt and grime.
My path is full of questions
and I am always seeking.
And for every answer I attain,
a hundred fold more questions
seek my attention,
to draw me from my path.
But my gait is steady
and my footfalls sure
as they bore deep into the moist earthen soil.
I take heart and draw strength
from the crickets, stars, and shadows
that dwell in the night.
And I am nourished by the
wondrous peace of nature in harmony
as I lay cradled safely
by the loving arms of the dawn
and the gentle smile of the dusk.

It Is Enough

I have walked across shattered lands,
scattered, littered
with shards of glass
beckoning the feet to tread upon them.

I have walked in desolate shadowlands
coated in ash and drenched in despair
once, twice, forever
I return to this place, again and again.

People call out its name,
chaos, oblivion, the abyss ~
but for me it is a land teeming with life,
of those who are lost,
of those who are wounded,
of those who are broken.

And when I hear the beckoning call say,
why do you return to such a war torn place,
where the people are lost,
and the people are wounded,
and the people are broken?
I know within myself the answer to its query,
for it shines like a beacon within the darkness
guiding my journey and illuminating my path.

I can be nothing more than I am,
and I am no more than I can be,
and offer all that is within me
to any who cry out in need.

If it is enough to lift the veil
upon another's brow,
to scatter the darkness
and illuminate their eyes,
then I am content.

If all that I am
is not enough to raise them
above the darkness they
drown themselves in,
then I am also content
that I have tried,
even in the face of failure.

I know no shame
for word and deed
that I have offered up to the world,
for I am no more than I can be
and nothing more than I am.
And that is enough,
even in the eyes of failure,
even in the eyes of betrayal,
even in the eyes of prejudice,
and even in the eyes of abuse.
It is enough.

I do not weep for what I am not.
I do not mourn for what I can not be.
For what I am now,
in the singular moment of now,
I am complete in my totality,
and it is enough.

And never do I walk alone,
for there beside me,
to stand at my side and guide my hand,
is me,
and it is enough.

And in the face of
and the abyss,
it is enough,

Never truly do I walk alone,
whether I step back into the darkness
to reach a hand out to a wayward soul,
or walk on into the light of the unknown
to experience an unfathomable journey,
for it is enough.

In all things,
in all times,
in all places,
it is enough.

The Bitter Mirror

Gaze no more into the bitter glass,
for eternity beckons as the time does pass,
where long ago visions echo and haunt,
and voices engraved upon the shattered heart,
belittle and taunt.

Dwell no more on realities past,
for the Celestine future is infinite and vast,
where you walk into choices unbound,
and your footsteps tread upon memory's ground.

Learn from today and yesteryear gone,
and raise your voice high in futures resounding song,
for the future, today, and things that echo in recognition stark,
are the lessons you bear to light the way through the dark.

So dwell not upon the mirror that frames so complete
the totality of you where past and present meet,
and look to the stars in heavenly expanse,
for the future is limitless in one single glance.

Where you are complete, single, and whole,
and memories are naught but virtues to extol,
the journey you walked and the path that you tread,
of a life lived well, happy instead.

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