Monday, May 17, 2010

Empathic Identity

If you are here because you think you might be an Empath, an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), or an INFJ Personality Type , if you have been struggling with the issues that arise from the possibility of being this (hypersensitivity, depression, anxiety disorders, feeling misunderstood and/or crazy), and are in need of answers and/or support, I have something for you to consider.

In the online odyssey, that is your search for answers, information and support, you will probably run across a plethora of titles and things associated with Empathy and being an Empath, as well as the other two titles. So lets look at a few of these ideas:

1. Empathy is a Psychic Gift.
2. Having Empathy means that I have other Psychic Gifts, as well.
3. Empaths are more highly evolved than other people.
4. Empaths are Lightworkers.
5. Empaths are Human Angels.
6. Empaths are Spiritually Enlightened Beings.
7. Empaths are Indigos, Crystals, and/or Rainbows.
8. True Empaths are born that way.
9. An Empath's purpose in life is one of service toward those in need, including, but not limited to, battling Darkworkers and Psychic Vampires.
10. The contradictory ideas that Empathy is God given and/or Demonic in nature. The first would be in associating Empathy with selfless compassion and altruism, ideals which many religions extol. The latter would be in associating Empathy, deemed a curse in this scenario, with sorcery, divination & the Devil.
Have you read any of these things? Has the idea of being an Empath taken you on a journey into a confusing world of new age metaphysics where you appear to be all kinds of 'special things' along with being an Empath? If it has, it probably has not helped you to develop a sense of yourself. In fact its probably done more to confuse you than anything else. So lets stop here and talk about the reality beyond all of those questions and answers.

Simply put, you are what you are, by whatever title you choose, be it Empath, HSP, INFJ, Psychic, Lightworker, HumanAngel, and so on. And there is nothing wrong with being all or none of these things. The bigger point here is that you do not have to be all of them to be one. You don't have to be psychic to be an Empath. You do not have to, realistically, be compassionate to be an Empath. You don't have to be selfless or bear titles like Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, or Lightworker, either. And this is because what you are, whatever that maybe, is more than enough.

It's fine not to fit into all of these other categories. It's also fine to believe that you do. No one is attempting to dictate what you should or shouldn't believe with respect to yourself. This is, more to the point, to say you don't have to attempt to fit yourself to a mold someone else envisioned and/or compete with others with regards to who has more powers/abilities and who is more spiritually developed.

The first step in realizing your own identity, not just as an Empath, but as a human being as well, is to accept yourself the way you truly are. It's not about overlaying traits that you might or might not encompass over the person that dwells within you right this moment. It's about discovering the uniqueness that already dwells within you, even if it doesn't fit into any of the statements listed above. Because through those things you discover about yourself, both good and bad, you find your own unique purpose. And you become cognizant of the journey you've been walking on since you were born.

And while those things might not compare, in any way shape or form, to having a divine purpose, like those of the Lightworker and/or HumanAngel, they are beautiful in and of themselves and should be appreciated thusly.

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