Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fool's Paradise

This Title it self speaks about whom I am going to address in this post. Recently I came across a specific person who by some means found the word 'Empath'. One of her friends spoke to her about how she feels and how she found her inner self and how she educated herself. Now comes the real story, This acquaintance of mine researched all the material over the internet, read some books, blogs and articles and matched every thing and concluded that she is an Empath. I still find it difficult to digest the fact myself, as her empathic nature is very qualified and useful only for her selfish needs.

She bullies her parents and forces them to baby sit her kid and does not respect anyone. She can speak for hours about how empathic she is and how she cried over the news of a baby's death in local news paper. In reality she ignores the difficulties of everyone around and she thinks they should serve her. She can even make you think that we enjoy what ever we do for her and it is best for us.

She talks about all the topics she read online, as her own and presents herself as an Empath. And while in public she uses her memory power to mesmerize people with answers she read online. But none applies to her .. She only preaches and never follows. She can bring rolls of rules for what people should be doing for her. I even found her depressed and fearing at times for topics she read which she assumes will happen to her in a while. I can bet she hardly understands the difference between intuition and imagination.

She can positively tell everyone what the other is feeling and even picks out Empaths from the crowd and surprise them. She is proud of being an Empath now. Well the point is she is a kind of woman who can sit in a room and if feel depressed will start thinking that moon on her last day can make her cranky, and her cat is watching a ghost right now and if she is depressed she will curse her co worker for exerting  negative vibes which come right from that direction and at specific intervals.

I am not here to discuss the amount of sensitivity a person can have. But we must remember that our sensitivity is relative and with so many people and so much happening around, unless we are very certain, we should never reach to quick conclusions and judge people and imagine things.

By being an Empath is a special nature of understanding people and if willing and capable should help others and not to take advantage or imagine ourselves as angels walking on the land just above everyone else.

For some people the realities are different. They may be facing difficult times being unable to handle their own skills. They need guidance and proper direction. Those who are in real need please beware of this kind of fools who can even hug you and keep their hands on you saying they even can heal you. They don't even exert good intent or even can direct some positive energy towards you. Take time to truly identify the person. It is not by words that people can be identified. It is their constant behavior towards others and self that reveals their true identity. Only confess and trust people whom you know for years and whose Character and attitude is unbiased.

Being Emphatic is not a fashion statement. And it is true that people can possess skills even with all the bad qualities in them. But please read the posts in this blog properly and decide whether you are mature enough to be an Empath and know why you are embracing Empathy? It is not possible to have all the skills that are mentioned in this blog. The percentage is varied and subjective.

Being an Empath is not like having invisible wings and that we are extra special and we can treat others like 'the insignificant'. Many people who did n't yet embraced their own self are still among us unaware or not yet ready to accept the fact. We accepted the fact only means we are dutiful to ourselves and others. And it includes mature understanding of the facts. If you are one such fool My advice is, 'please humble yourself and some skills shine only with humility'.

Knowing the fact of being an Empath is like learning how to read. Now the whole school education is before us. We either can deny the whole thing or start our kindergarten today and please open your windows and see the fact of being alive in the real paradise.

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