Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Purpose Of Being An Empath

Let's talk about the purpose of being an Empath, because this seems to be a topic that alot of people have questions about. And we tend to find our answers in a myriad of places, some more reputable than others, as well as, some with the best of intentions and some...not so much.

First, let's be honest. Being an Empath is hard at even the best of times. Learning to cope with a flood of emotional undercurrents flowing all around you, not to mention into and out of you, can be mind numbing at times. Standing at the edge of a crowd and looking out can feel like having to cross an ocean with only your fingers crossed to keep you from drowning.

And this doesn't even begin to speak to how deeply you feel your own emotions and issues, does it? Those, coupled with the continual onslaught of emotions from elsewhere, can make you want to crawl into a closet or move to a cave and never come out.  It can make you feel like a hermit sometimes, secluding yourself away from the rest of society so you don't have to deal with that emotional weight that makes you feel like you will shatter.

Now, what is my point in bringing this up in a blog about the purpose of being an Empath?  Well, to find your purpose you have to first see and acknowledge what is going on in your life: the pain, your issues, the hypersensitivity that is overwhelming you.  So this part of the discussion holds an important place in discovering your true purpose as an Empath.  But I also know its one of the hardest parts, as well, because this is the one thing we struggle with the most.  It's also one of the biggest things we want to hide from the most, so we can focus on being happy...or at least appearing happy to the world around us as we struggle inside.

The Importance Of Being Earnest

In deciphering a purpose for yourself its of the utmost importance that you be earnest with yourself.  Because being an Empath doesn't mean you have a set course in front of you, as though you are starring down the barrel of a gun.  There is no inevitable outcome, as well.

What you most need to understand is that being an Empath doesn't preclude you from being anything else.  If you wish to be a doctor, then be a doctor.  If you wish to be a writer, then be a writer.  The point is, the natural talents and innate traits of an Empath will shine through in whatever you do, so you need not limit your scope of purpose to something that doesn't fit your own dreams and desires.  You don't have to set those things aside to follow a course of supposed altruism and outreach, because outreach can happen in all kinds of ways ~ even simply by writing a blog to offer information, support and comfort to others.  ^_^

Life doesn't have to be a struggle, as you attempt to fit your purpose into an ideal someone else imposed on you.  Take the idea of Buddhism and seeking enlightenment, or a higher state of being, and then understand I am saying this as a Buddhist.  You don't have to strive for that because someone else told you that is the purpose of an Empath, in any variation it might come in.

All you ever need to do is find what works for you and strive toward that.  And if it is Buddhism or enlightenment, more power to you.  If not, whatever it is, is equally good because it's what is right for you.  Because your purpose isn't about anyone else, anyone else's ideas of right and wrong, or anyone else's thoughts on the ideal purpose.  It's about you, what you want, and what you feel drawn to do with your life.

The only one who can set limits on that purpose is you.  So above all else, remember that.  There are limitless possibilities for you.  All you have to do is open yourself to them, because they are waiting for you.

The Hermit Of The Tarot

On a side note, I thought it'd be interesting to introduce you to the Hermit of the Tarot and what it means. Perhaps you will find some meaning in what I'm going to quote. Perhaps not. Either way....enjoy. ^_^

The Hermit

In The Hermit card, the 9th card of the Tarot, the teachers of the Ageless Wisdom are providing us with a future view of the outcome of our soul's successful struggle to reach the highest level of earthly/spiritual enlightenment possible... an attainment that is attributable to and obtainable through continued discipline, diligence and dedication to the laws of Divine living.

As we view the card, most of us get a sense that The Hermit is an isolated, solitary being, one who prefers a private existence apart from the extravagance and superficiality of materialistic living. Largely that's true, but the real message he wishes to impart is just how important it is for you and I (if we wish to reach his level of attainment) to set our values above materialism's fascinations and temporal attunements. Notice that he is pictured standing on the highest peak among the surrounding mountains. In his right hand he holds a lantern which appears to be lighting his way. Actually, the lantern's light is intended for seekers, others like you and I, who are still climbing and struggling up the mountainside below him. Notice that he is looking down, watching our progress. According to Carl Jung he is very concerned and most protective of our efforts. He is really that part of us, the Divine within, that is ready to provide us instant direction and truth. We havebut to go within... to ask for healing, guidance or forgiveness. For all who seek, loving support and enrichment will be returned to you many fold.

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  1. It was a question I was struggling about a lot pretty much all my life, and at this very moment too, and you helped me with remembering that I have to make myself happy first, follow my passion, to help others too. I'm new here, looking forward to discover all your blog :).