Sunday, August 1, 2010

Empathic Shielding Resources

In the blog Empaths: Psychic Defense, Shielding and More we explored ideas of psychic defense, grounding, centering and shielding, as well as, tools to help further these pursuits. In this blog, we will explore this topic a bit more with resources specifically meant for Empaths.

Feel free to use them or not, because some of these things might work better for you than others. So only utilize the things that you feel comfortable with doing.

Empathic Shielding

Shielding For Empaths
Shielding and Grounding Techniques ~ this is a discussion from an online forum, which might offer helpful tips and hints.
Empath Essentials: Develop Your Shield Body
Grounding Centering and Shielding
Shielding, Dreams, and Meditation ~ This is a group of discussions oriented to subjects like shielding and meditation
Empathy and Shielding
Protection and Shielding: Training The Empath
Empathic Shielding
Energy Shielding Technique
Getting A Feel For Empathy
An Introduction To Psionic Shielding
Releasing Negativity For Empaths
Shielding and Grounding Techniques
Energetic Protection For Empathic Healers
How To Handle Being An Empath Part 1
How To Handle Being An Empath Part 2
Energy Breathing and Empathic Shielding: A Practical Method
Psionic Shielding
Health and The Empath
Positive Energy

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