Thursday, December 23, 2010

Arrogance & Empathy: Learning To Look Beneath The Facade

Arrogance's a topic we all have to contend with once in a while.  In our daily lives we come face to face with it often enough, whether it is from others or from ourselves.  Let's explore this topic a bit and see what it has to do with being an Empath or more simply, being empathic toward others.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Empath Issues

Recently I got asked to explain a subject most Empaths and HSPs don't really like to touch on. This is because if it is openly spoken about, it can make them feel like frauds sometimes. But in understanding the reality of this particular topic, after the initial shock, it can ultimately help you grow in your abilities and in your own self awareness, both of which are so important when interacting with the world around you as a highly sensitive/empathic person.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Journey To Now

I can remember sitting on my bed one day and contemplating the word Empath.  I was 16 then.  Mind you, this was before the advent of a computer in every household, much less having internet access to social websites like facebook and/or twitter.  Finding information about Empaths and empathy was hard to come by.  And the information I found called it nothing more than a lesser, primitive form, of telepathy, and ranked it the lowest of the low on the psychic scale of gifts/abilities.

There were no lists of traits for Empaths.  There were no comparative experiences to view my own experiences through.  There wasn't much of anything at all, except that one single entity on television named Deanna Troi, from Star Trek.