Friday, February 4, 2011

Crossing the bridge of pain

Every step on this bridge is so hard to take.. It looks like it sucks my energy and my legs are so heavy to lift. The closer I get the painful this journey has become. This bridge, how long it will take to cross? Flames and then blizzards, there is no end to this.. But I must hold on, I will try to take one more step and one more step.. and one step at a time ..I will cross the bridge.

This mist will melt when flames come.. Snow will fall to cool me then.. I suffered every minute to cross this goal..  I blamed my self and blamed every one... I saw me in reflections around me.. I never closed my eyes to look inside me.. I looked down up on myself, I stood in line with ones that made me... And I see the one who pained me.. Hmm alas its none other than me..

Pain is something no one can avoid, if they are born in this world. Pain is not something that you choose to worship. It takes a lot of time to find peace with your pain. But it is important to know, what is soaking your feet.. It's important to become free from the pain itself. Don't stand in the line with others to sympathize, comment, ridicule, hate or anything likes..Don't be a burden to your own self..

Be one with your self.. Its OK to be you.. It's better if you are some one better than you are . Cross the bridge of pain..

Remembering every one who helped me to find my peace.. in love

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