Wednesday, August 5, 2015


As I read the news, My spine began to tremble, A strange sensation creeped in my arms and they became restless. Anger and fear confused me and I crossed my limbs. For several days, that news haunted me. How that helpless girl was raped and how her life ended in coma. News like that is everywhere now on facebook, tv, newspapers, rumors, discussions.

Do people suddenly started becoming violent ? Or people are supplied with unnecessary information? Are we safe? Are our children safe? What will happen to earth? This over population, Genetically engineered viruses? epidemics? global warming? porn? So many...

Being an empath and sometimes an emotional sponge, we absorb energies around us. Many people while they read such news they experience the emotions of that situation and some even experience physical reactions to that situation. Eventually leading to suffering.

Our history is filled with blood and violence. There is no need for a debate whether Monsters existed today or yesterday? They were always there. But it is true that the information that is advertised today is filled with fear. Sometimes we can avoid such news, but completely eliminating the www era of information is impossible. People are losing hope and they are scared.

Lets not lose hope. Lets raise ourselves above this. And lets start believing and tame our fears. When ever you read such news or when ever you are around a person who is confused and scared and lost its hope, Please transmit hope and make them feel better, you don't need to converse verbally but internally transmit that energy.

Do something to help them overcome those negative emotions. Some people help people in need, while others donate money, If you cannot do anything like that, just pray and wish and more than that believe. Don't lose hope. Everyone is filled with fear, but it is not a solution.

Being an empath can be a curse and it can be turned into a blessing too. We are like transmitters. We not only can receive but also transmit information.We are capable of transmitting our negative energies too, So being an empath, I want you to believe and transmit the positive instead.