Empath Q & A

In your search for answers about Empaths, you must have many questions.  I've created this page to direct you to some of the answers to some of your most basic questions that are located on this website.  Remember, though, there is plenty more to read here and lots more information out there on the web. So let's get started. ^_^

Empath Q & A

1. General Questions About Empathy

2. What is an Empath?  Are there Empath Traits?

3. What is the purpose of being an Empath? 

4. Are there different Empath types?

5. Whats the difference between an Empath and a Clairsentient?

6. Are there questions I should be asking myself about this?

7. Whats the difference between a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an Empath?

8. Is there an Ideal Empath I should aspire to?

9. Am I just highly emotional or an Empath?

10. Is being an Empath, or being Empathic, a gift or a curse?

11. Are there more resources for Empaths? 
**note some of these lists are relatively old thus links might repeat or be dead, but most work and are well worth exploring**
12.  Why do I tend to attract certain types of people toward me that are aggressive and toxic?  How do I cope with this?
13. Do Empaths deal with anxiety disorders?